Monday, January 18, 2010

I'd muzzle Ross too...

I can hardly be critical of the "Iron Fist" of the Donolo Administration for ordering Ross Rebagliati to avoid speaking to the media, because if I were him I would have done the exact same thing. Ross may be talented on a snowboard, but when he talks about politics he really dumbs it down to about a 7th grade level. As a Tory, I would love for him to speak to the media as much as possible to fully display all the talented splendor of the Liberal Party. I can't however, blast Donolo for doing something that I would have done myself.

I was curious how exactly this order was leaked to the media. The Globe and Mail broke it, but how did they get it? As it turns out, the Globe called Ross for comment on his Ottawa visit and his wife "said the Liberals had emailed her, told her they had been in touch with The Globe and Mail, and that her husband need not add any more. She said he would not be making any comment."  The professionalism of the Donolo Administration, to call his friends in the press and instruct them not to seek comment from his candidates.  It is competent, I suppose, if nothing else...

This is an amusing story. I maintain my original analysis that Ross is a terrible political candidate.


  1. Now if only he'd give the same advice to Ignatieff..

  2. There must be some mistake here! Isn't it only Stephen Harper who controls the message that his caucus is permitted to share with the media? Isn't he the tyrant who rules with absolute power? The Liberals would never use such a device on their own members. The G & M must have it wrong.

  3. Do you think John McCallum is going to be a little bit nervous every morning when he checks his e-mail?

  4. "Do you think John McCallum is going to be a little bit nervous every morning when he checks his e-mail?"

    No. He doesn't get out of bed until noon.

  5. Heh, 4th anniversary of the election of the Harper government, Saturday, January 23.

    It has been 4 long years of non-stop faux scandals.
    But as the ability to respond to the Haiti disaster illustrated,
    the changes have all been for the better.

    PMSH has been Prime Minister for about the same length of time Iffy has been back in Canada.

  6. lol

    Who is the biggest Liberal gaffer? (Poll time)

  7. And every faux scandal has come back to bite liberals. Today the conservatives win a big court case, the in and out faux scandal-remember the raid on their offices, with cbc cameraman waiting.
    Today KHS is back in the news, with Harvey still on his side, but, but, KHS says he has never bribed anyone in Canada. So, if he was lying re Brian, and the media and libs supported KHS, can we assume the libs/media lie all the time when reporting anything re conservatives. Or, is KHS now lying to a German Court.

  8. Anybody got a stat on the longest serving minority government?

    Just to be a smug SOB I'll even toss out a quote from a self-described "ass-kicker" and wanna be punk rocker.

    "this guy is going to be PM for ever."

  9. Just forgot to add.

    How is it deemed that Donolo or Iggy kept Ross from making an ass of himself if neither of them went directly to the candidate and instructed him not to speak to the media?
    Iggy ran and hid, and Donolo sent an email to Ross's wife, not to Rebagliati.
    Sounds like they wanted some plausible deniability for later when Iggy puts his foot in his mouth again.

  10. Hmmmmmmmmmmm! Who is the biggest Liberal gaffer?
    "All of them!"

  11. In case you missed it (small item in last weeks paper), the CPC won a court decision using their Logo on government info cheques.
    Two for two so far.
    Libs must be right beside themselves at this point.