Monday, January 25, 2010

When Pies Attack Ministers

The mature decorum of animal rights protesters never ceases to amaze me. When I saw the image this morning of an American activist hitting one of my Government Ministers Gail Shea in the face with a pie at the unveiling of a new aquatic research center, I shook my head. It begs the question; are our Ministers provided with adequate security at public events? Or is tight security generally not required at these sorts of functions on Canadian soil? Perhaps Canadian activists have enough self-respect to leave their cream pies at home, and it is only when we are invaded by the hardcore American activists that security is breached. While the pie in face stunt has a long storied tradition in our society, it is still an unacceptable action against a Government Minister at a public event.

I would like to send my best wishes to Gail Shea, and while that may have been an embarrassing incident, I expect that a lot of Canadians will feel empathy for your experience. Live long and prosper!

This is my official opinion on seals and the hunting of these voracious predators.


  1. Hear hear! I hope this woman is charged and jailed for attacking a public official.

  2. Good post. I was wondering about the security measures too. The whole thing is very disconcerting.

  3. Sean... Attacking a public servant or private citizen assault is assault. It is a criminal offense.

    Rob C

  4. Charge her, convict her, jail her and then deport her.

  5. Fine PETA a few million while they are at it, for pain, suffering and anything else they can think of. The oil companies had to pay millions for a few hundred birds. Assaulting, or abetting in an assault should carry some sort of financial penalty. Greenpeace should also have to pay millions for shutting down oil production. Take off the gloves, and smack them in the face with fines.

  6. Not only should she be jailed, but she should be sent to a women's facility in Newfoundland to serve her sentence. I'll bet the gals there can convince her of the validity of a seal hunt.

  7. Its time to start some racial pro-pie-ling

  8. did you feel the same outrage when Dion got nailed with a pie in the face?

  9. Had that been Stephane Dion getting pied sitting in that chair my opinion would be no different. We are talking about an intruder rushing up to the podium with a foreign object in hand. She should have been tackled as she made her way up the aisle. There are several different ways that these situations could result in physical harm. You don't know what is in the pie until after it is discharged.

    If however, Jason Kenney were to pie John Baird in question period, I would probably laugh.

  10. Security was likely watching for Cdn activists.
    Stop these yahoos at the border.

    Ms Shea should also lay charges against PETA and the hag with the pie.

  11. "did you feel the same outrage when Dion got nailed with a pie in the face?"

    Yes, I did.
    Soupy Sales got big laughs with the pie-in-the-face routine and I laughed right along with him (I'm also a huge Three Stooges fan) but using this same 'routine' as an attention-getter by humiliating the subject and then reciting some PC bullshit ideology is not in the same league.
    Unfortunately the media plays along (the CTV newsreader was giggling) by identifying the culprit and then putting their message on TV.

    Frankly, if someone had hit Bob Rae in the face with a pie and then stated his objective was to bring attention to his dismal failure as the NDP Premier of Ontario I would have been embarrassed first and then outraged.

  12. PETA activists have no couth.
    They're attention-seeking clods.
    The pie-thrower has been charged. I hope she gets the book thrown at her.

  13. The Minister of Fisheries will do everyone a favor if she decides to go after PETA and sue them for millions. Someone needs to teach this pest of an organisation a good lesson.
    Please sue them Gail Shea for all our sakes.

    PETA stands for:
    P pests who are
    E extremely ugly and
    T totally wrong
    A angry activists

  14. As a member of PETA (People who Eat Tasty Animals), I believe this person who pied Minister Shea should thank her lucky stars she didn't try that sort of stunt in the US. Without doubt she would have had a sudden bout of lead poisoning from the Secret Service. While I do not advocate this type of response, I suspect all she will get from our justice system will be a promise to say she is sorry and not do it again.

  15. Have you seen the comments on the Peta Files blog (complete with video about the incident)? By far most are cheering on this incident. I do not believe anyone who does this is protesting or making their views known, I believe it is assault. Perhaps she should have had the same thing happen to her as the famous Show Thrower; tackled to the floor instead of just someone walking up with a clipboard seeming to say 'oh hey now'.