Sunday, January 17, 2010

Which Liberal is the greatest asset to the Conservatives?

I would like to ask the question, which Liberal causes the most electoral harm to the Liberal Party of Canada? People who by their actions or omissions; by the magnitude of the stupidity of their spoken words, could be considered the greatest asset to the Tories. I'm probably going to have to go with John McCallum as the gift that keeps on giving, but there are certainly many quality assets to choose from. Bob Rae had his stare into the camera and vehemently warned Canadians that they were going to die from the swine flu and it would be the government's fault. Precious moments in history, like Dion's attempted interview reset when he stumbled over a bullshit answer to a tough question. I know when I'm in a job interview and I mess up, I usually ask the employer if we can start all over again.

I am going to attempt my first "tournament-style" polling contest this week on which Liberal Workshop would you most like to attend? I have to say, I am liking "From coalition to bloodless coup in 10 days, how I did it with Michael Ignatieff" as the early favourite. Maybe I'll call it "Libuary Madness" i.e. March Madness in January. I can even make a tournament "homepage" and Photoshop the brackets. I want to run a webpoll concurrently asking which Liberal is the greatest asset to the Tories. Options likely to include:

Mike Ignatieff
Bob Rae
John McCallum
Hedy Fry
Ujjal Dosangh
Ralph Goodale
Stephane Dion


  1. ALL of The ABOVE


  2. What you left off Wankesella and Dumbolo

  3. Dude haven't you heard, Donolo can walk on water with the strength of ten ordinary men. I think I read that in the Vancouver Sun once upon a time...

  4. Beer and popcorn was a mighty gift

  5. Well for such an answer to such a question;..... it was the best of times (Conservative) it could be the worst of times (Lieberal) as for the "pick of the litter" well
    Michael Ignatieff... I don't have to have a position... I'm the Leader of the Opposition???
    Bob are all gonna DIE!
    John McCallum.. this boozy twerp can't remember the name of the horse he rode in on.
    Ujjah Dosangh... Mr Landslide himself just keep insulting the bravest and best of Canada better brush up the old resume Ujjah the voters are not impressed.
    Ralph Goodale... Rantin' Ralph? Saskatchewan should be embarrassed
    Stephane Dion sincere yes, stupid yes,unable to speak or understand the language of the Majority of Canada also yes, the Lieberal party owes us an apology for daring to foist this lightweight on us as a candidate for Prime Minister
    Cheers Bubba

  6. They are ALL gifts but the leftie's seem to find them enchanting.???
    All but Michael. He is their dirty little secret that they would rather hide than face so he is the cream that has risen to the top for Conservatives, imo.

  7. Dang anon beat me!

    Clearly put a liberal in front of the camera and the rest is history!

  8. Certainly elements within the Liberal party vastly overestimate the value of Rae and Dosangh, two abysmal failures as NDP Premiers. The BC NDP and Ontario NDP are a combined what, 0 for 7 since their last victories? I think Ujjal is more popular in Toronto than he is in his own riding. Bob Rae may have destroyed the Ontario NDP for a generation.

    And yet the LPC keeps parading these guys out there?

  9. what about jean chretien , he is the gift that keeps on giving .

  10. Are you trying to swing the nominations there Iceman...haha!

    Bubba wins so far!Bubba never fails and always rocks with the best and most TRUTHFUL analysis.
    Hysterical and way to go, Bubba!

  11. I'd have to say you need to add Prince Justin to that list.

    Think about it for a while, you'll figure it out.

  12. Now you've gone and done it! You've asked a question that requires that we only pick one. My head already hurts from going through the possibilities. Now, if you had asked me which one I detest the most, I could recite chapter and verse as to my selection in that one. But, which one best helps the Conservatives. Hmm...I'd better hurry and make up my mind, because at the rate the Liberals are going there will surely be another half dozen excellent candidates before the week is over.

  13. Ahh Bec creme floats yes so do a lot of other things that are best left unsaid.
    Cheers Bubba

  14. Choices , Choices , Choices!!!

    I'll have to go with the "fling a dart" method.

    Which ever one's lets out a piercing yelp will be my pick. You guys keep your ears peeled and let me know which one I tag.

    Here goes!
    On a one!
    On a two!!
    On a three!!!


    “Huh? Me no speaka da langouis!”
    “Don’t look at me! I’m just a simple stumble jumper”
    “Eww!! No way! That’s not the sort of thing that Premiers do. Even Ex ones.
    “Holy Smokes! Look over there! It’s a cross burning! As we speak! Gotta Go!
    “Hick up…burp…Hick up…”
    “ I’ll do it! I’ll do it!! This is sooo going to remind me of when we were roommates back in our university days. Those were the Days!!!

  15. Bob Rae.
    He wants to lead a united left.

    There is enough dippers in the LPC to keep the party divided for some time.

  16. Hedy Fry.

    She's all mouth and no ears.

  17. Off topic, but
    on January 25, Liberals go back to Parliament Hill to Play House, and the PPG are having an event for Haiti....

    also on that same day,

    ''...representatives from Haiti, the U.S., Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay will gather in Montreal Jan. 25
    to reassess pressing needs and to develop a long-term plan for rebuilding Haiti.

    The news comes after an hour-long telephone conference with his international counterparts dubbed “Friends of Haiti,”
    including U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive will be at the Montreal conference...''

  18. Thanks Wilson, how much do you want to bet that the CBC spends more air time on Playing House?

  19. Dion was a gift, wrapped up in all his sputtering glory, in one video clip.

  20. Answer: bob rae. He will be the next leader too.

  21. Iceman,

    I'm not sure its the liberals who keep trotting Rae out as much as its Power Corp. telling the libs to trot him out.

    The other two we shouldn't forget are Trudeau and Cretien, whose terms gave us more financial scandals than a African Dictatorship!

  22. Hedy Fry...? well I know just pick one, she doesn't think a "person of colour" could make a racial remark or be prejudiced against others of different colours?? really? Apparently only Whitey can be a bigot, she musta missed Rwanda and the Hutu Tutu thingy. She then goes on to make her blindly over the top remark about the good folks that live and work in Prince George. I worked and lived a little North of PG for nearly twenty years, a harder workin' down to earth bunch of people of all colours would be hard to find. Hedy is so very Liberal, ignorance is a virtue, as is prejudice, in her tiny little world. The Liberals really, really should apoint her Leader.