Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Sum of all Affleck's talent = Zero

I am sitting here watching Ben Affleck trying to pretend to be a CIA analyst, and I want to ask the question; who is the worst actor alive today? Not who you dislike the most, but which actor has the least amount of talent of all the big box office draws? Keanu Reaves certainly belongs in the conversation. I have long believed that Nick Cage has talent, but have you seen Windtalkers or Bangkok Dangerous? Who do you see on television or in the movies that makes you think to yourself; this proves that anybody can do anything for a living if you find yourself in the right spot at the right time?

Who has made the most money with the least amount of talent? I would nominate Arnold Schwarzenegger, if not for his remarkable ability to play an emotionless robot. The only time I have ever laughed because of Dane Cook was the Mad TV parody of him. Then there are actors like Ashton Kusher who are good at being funny, but terrible at dramatic roles. Have you seen the Guardian? Some actors were once great, but then fade into shadow. Pacino has not made a decent film since the Devil's Advocate. I stopped watching 88 minutes about 22 minutes in and went back to the video store to exchange it.

I have been spending so much time discussing protests, biased public broadcasters, and constitutional reform that I figured I would lighten things up with a discussion of terrible acting inspired by watching Ben Affleck stumble through Jack Ryan in the Sum of all Fears.  I would like to do a "worst actor" poll if you have more ideas.  Now if you'll excuse me I have a 2005 Auditor General's report to read.  The next report is due for...this year.  That will be interesting...

The Broadcasting Act requires the CBC to have a special examination of its financial and management control and information systems, and of its management practices carried out at least once every five years.


  1. Re : "which actor has the least amount of talent"

    The answer is Obama.

    Now where's my prize?

  2. The geriatric Karate Kronies... John Claud Van Dam , Chuck Norris,Steven Segal close to as bad as Affleck.

    Rob C

  3. Hey Jean Claud Van Dang has the best behind on the planet and don't you forget it. Mr. Reeves has the best hair in an action scene, chuck has the best fans, steven has the .....nothing.

    Worst over rated actor of all time? Kevin Costner, sleeping pill extrodinaire that man.

  4. Least talented actor? I'd say Ben Stiller. And if you included women in the pool, I'd put Sandra Bullock there as well.

  5. Ahhh I love to look at Ben. Sorry, but I do. Though my bf pointed out recently that Ben 'acts' the same in every single movie, so proving that he actually CAN'T act. I had never really thought about it before, but I realized if I saw short clips of all his movies, I would not immediately be able to place the name of it unless I looked at his clothing. He really does 'act' the same in them all. How sad. But that's okay, I'll just turn the volume down and continue watching ;)

    My least fave actor is Steven Seagal. I still watch his movies for some reason, but he irritates the crud out of me.