Saturday, January 16, 2010

Don't Be Jealous Toronto...

I remember living on the outskirts of Toronto when Vancouver was awarded the Olympic Games. A lot of Torontonian sports fans were upset because the Vancouver bid diminished the probability of Toronto hosting an Olympics anytime soon. Please don't cry over spilled milk, the world is coming to Canada, and we should all be rejoicing. We can't change the past, and if this event goes well it only increases the probability of a Canadian city being named the host of an upcoming Games.

Toronto, I understand that the Leafs have sucked brutally hard for a while now. I understand your anger and frustration, but don't take it out on Vancouver, take it out on John Ferguson or whatever scapegoat you want to throw under the bus this week. You suck, deal with it, allow the Olympics to be a success, and let's get on with it!  Phil Kessel is very talented.

We should be united behind these games coast to coast to coast. I know that the Liberal party seeks to make partisan gains by turning Canadians against Canada, but that is not in the best interest of Canada at this moment in time. The world is coming, can't we all just get along for a month? Is it even possible for partisans to get along when minority Parliament is not in session?

Which gets me to my next poll question, after Vancouver, who should be the next Canadian City to host an Olympic Games? Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver are not included because they have already had the honour.


  1. "I come from Toronto
    Where people come and go."

    If Toronto got the Olympics, that would not be an honour; it would be a punishment.

    The Olympics can be held far away from Toronto as possible--preferably in the Indian Ocean. (I don't mean on an island.)

  2. In order to host the Elitist Olympics you need to be recognized as a world class city, only Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal make the grade in Canada. Toronto will never get the Olympics because it does not have the amenities and attractions to be a world class city.
    Your poll can't be answered because no other city in Canada is world class, except the three who already got the games, so the answer is none of the above.

  3. If the folks in toronto are so depressed about Vancouver having the Olympics, I'm sure the B.C. government will be only too happy to let them pay some of the bills. For the money we've p*ssed away on the stupid Olympics, we could have either bought Toronto, or build two Children's Hospitals (which are really needed).

  4. Not to nit-pic but winter or summer games? Must be concise! Open or non direct questions is how pollsters get the answers they(or their clients)want.
    As for liberals getting along... Good one!That's like asking certain lefty bloggers to play nicely and use less than 5 cuss words per sentence!

  5. I see Whitehorse is leading, but I think it's unfair you left Iqaluit off the list. What,you're anti-Inuit?! So, I voted my next favourite,Whitehorse.

    As one of the taxpayers who is going to have to pay for the Olympic debacle in Vancouver/Whistler, let me assure you,there's nothing to be jealous about, you should maybe thank your lucky stars.

    Our infrastructure has suffered and will continue to do so while we throw a circus for the peasants dedicated to the legacy of Gordon Campbell.

    Vancouver and Whistler were already world clsaa destinations for tourists, and there was no need to spend 6 billion dollars to reiterate that fact. But politicians love schmoozing with stars! Go ahead and put another carbon tax on our fuel ,Gord, we don't mind, if it'll help pay for a two week party. Beer and popcorn,remember!

    Here's hoping Latvia wins the men's hockey Gold Medal!

    I'll personally volunteer to sing their national anthem.


  6. Toronto or Quebec City could easily host a Summer Olympics.

    Edmonton would be nice, but we can't even lure the Universiade, so the chances of an Olympic games here are currently remote.

    Right now Edmonton is working on a World's Fair bid. I hope we manage to get that because it could be the doorway to hosting the Olympics sometime during the 2020s or 2030s.

    I know a lot of people are fixated on the costs of hosting the Olympics (building, etc), but there are serious long term benefits (economic and political) to hosting the Olympics.