Sunday, January 24, 2010

Elizabeth May Prorogues Leadership Review?

I delight in seeing the internal strife boiling over within the Green Party that has culminated in Slick Lizzy campaigning to avoid a mandatory democratic leadership review. Elizabeth is afraid to face her own colleagues in a healthy democratic expression of their disapproval of her performance as leader. Now she is trying to destroy these mechanisms of democratic job performance reviews in a vain attempt to retain power, manipulating democracy for partisan political gain. Shame on you Elizabeth.

Running against Peter MacKay was an incredibly dumb idea, though I suspect Dion's price for pulling the Liberal candidate (which he took internal flak for doing) was that he would be allowed to choose the riding. Either that or Elizabeth May really is that dense to think she could win in Central Nova. Now she has set her sights on Gary Lunn, when realistically she has a probability of victory in Guelph, West Vancouver, or Owen Sound. I would even say she has a higher probability of taking down Hedy Fry in Vancouver Center than Gary Lunn, unless Iggy pulls the Liberal candidate in Saanich. I recently attended a Town Hall meeting where Mr. Lunn took questions from local citizens about what they would like to see their government do for them.  I was very impressed with the Minister of Sport.

I strongly suspect that these loud detractors within the Green Party would like to get Liz out of there before the next election to avoid sinking millions into another lost cause. Replace her with Dick Hibma, get Dick into the debates, and there you have your first seat elected Green.


  1. Elizabeth May is made of magic, and I challenge the puny mortal who claims otherwise.

  2. Liz May is indeed magic.

    Make her disappear and I will believe it.
    What a loser.

  3. There is a green party?There is a green cult led by an obnoxious narcissist who has sold the party down the toilet for her own personal gain.,all about lizzy 24/7.Off hand name just one party policy that she does not parrot gore/strong/suzucki/the un lies/mannn made climate change/climatic end of times/grren jobs solve everything.What is the cults policy regarding defense,crime,debt,health care,child poverty,etc.At one time not too long ago the geen party was worth the look,worth a protest vote with hope that with more maturity they would become mainstream,but then they bought into one issue lizzy the wantabee.

  4. My theory is that she is angling for a Senate seat. Running for Parliament in riding that are a long shot would be my primary evidence of this.

    If you're a blathering blowhard ideologue, wouldn't that be the ideal location to hector the people of Canada without having to worry about your job. And besides it has great pay, great benefits, great pension, you’re practically your own boss. All that until your seventy fifth birthday.

    Is it any wonder that all the usual suspects are outraged that Harper wants to change things with that disgraceful institution.

  5. She also seemed to have pulled some sort of stunt involving having the national party send a buttload of money to the Saanich-Gulf Islands riding association on the condition that they make her their candidate.

    Lizzie May's developing quite the reputation for dirty moves.

  6. Mr Iffy and Ms Lizzy had a meeting across the pond, after Dopenhagen.
    just sayin

  7. If by some miracle Lizzy May, the mouth that roared, would happen to win a seat in parliament can you just imagine the calamity that would befall this institution. Parliament is already inhabited by a pack of adolescent, name-calling, vacuous trolls, and an idiot of May's ilk would bring it down to a level that is so low as to be beyond comprehension.
    Besides, who would we have to give us some comic relief during the inane deliberations of our parliamentarians?