Thursday, January 21, 2010

The CBC's New "Kill Him Kill Him Dead" Segment

I hope to Christ the CBC is not paying Scott Reid for his new weekly spot on the Soloman Show. I don't mind Scotty being on television, because honestly his big mouth is a great asset to the Conservative Party; like the time he asserted that if you gave taxpayers back tax dollars it would be wasted on beer and popcorn. I would however be very upset if he were now collecting tax dollars to appear on my public broadcaster. Furthermore shouldn't encouraging the assassination of a sitting Prime Minister disqualify a dipshit from working for a government institution? Maybe I'm just old fashioned that way.

When you think about it, Scotty has been a boon to the Tories. First, beer and popcorn represented the dagger that killed Paul Martin's political career; followed in Dec 2008 by the "kill him kill him dead" column that helped destroy left wing coalition governments in perpetuity. It may be a mighty gift to attach a microphone to the man and perhaps this is an instance of don’t interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake; I just don't want Scotty spending any of my tax dollars on beer or popcorn.


  1. Yeah...he hates the PM with a vengence. That Soloman guys seems to attract those kind like a magnet. I now recognize Soloman on the tube as Soloman only because you have made him infamous.
    Thanks for watching the nuts so we don't have to.

  2. Scott Reid has to be able to afford his beer and popcorn somehow.