Friday, January 29, 2010

"PM poised to seize control of Senate"

At least that is what Daniel LeBlanc was writing this evening at the Globe and Mail. As Daniel writes:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will pad the five vacancies in the Senate Friday with Conservative appointees, tilting the balance of power towards his party and gaining an upper hand in upcoming legislative battles.

That is cutting edge news from one of Canada's top national newspapers. When I look at the Globe and Mail, I see plenty of Liberal Party cheerleading. Once upon a time, I enjoyed the Globe and Mail, but I began to tune them out when Torstar bought up a big bundle of G and M ownership. I thought to myself, "this will have a damaging long term impact on their journalism." When I visit their website and their comment sections, I see that it has been overrun by the militant left of the "new media internets", and I view their dismissal of Rex Murphy as a telling "canary in the coal mine."

Is this just a matter of the Globe losing its "right minded readers" to the National Post and catering to their new audience, or is this the deliberate initiation of an anti-Conservative agenda? I suspect that it is a little bit of both, but I do respect the few good men and women that remain on their payroll like Norman Spector.

I will be watching...


  1. Well now that the masses have woken up, so says Travers,
    let's keep the 'people's democracy' theme alive,
    and get some reform in the Senate.

    If the Senate refuses time limits and provincial elections,
    then get rid of the chamber of sober (yah right) second thought.....

  2. Iceman,

    I was listening to the 8:00 news with Bill Good on CKNW this morning. His lead in to this story was "You won't find a Western Canadian amoung the Senators Stephen Harper appointed to the Senate today...."

    No shit, Bill. There were no western Canadian vacancies. Nice try on pumping up the anti-east sentiment in BC though. Just another glaring example of the subtle bias in the media.

  3. Second on that CKNW crap. Between Bill and Christy Clark, here's nothing but Liberal supporters.
    Where's my Canadian FOX?

  4. I don't think anyone has ever accused Bill Good of being a left winger. I only listen to Charles Adler and Roy Green.

  5. I watched an interview with the new East Indian Senator. While I don't yet know much about him, it was a solid first impression.

  6. Iceman, listen to David Rutherford on the subject of 'senate reform' with Iris Evans. Very interesting topic to which most of us have no clue. check this out.

    click to 9:am-then go to 34.53 mark and you will hear David. Enjoy.

  7. Iggy is having a melt down, with the appointment of senators and the Khdar story. He is embarrassed to be a Canadian. Do we want someone who is embarrassed to be Canadian to be our PM. Watch for that clip to be played over and over again during the campaign. Might even come up in the debates.
    Oh, Kady (she should get her teeth fixed) and some guy from Van talking about flash mobs at photo ops. Could go on for weeks and months and keep ministers off message.

  8. Thank the gods that the Conservatives finally have a plurality in the senate. It was long overdue for most of those socialist idiots to retire.