Sunday, January 17, 2010

When you're this Igg, they call you Mister...

I am unsure if Joan Bryden actually works in Ignatieff's office, or if Donolo ghost wrote her puff piece in the Globe and Mail today. You learn something new every day, and today I learned that the tragic flaw which has dogged Mike Ignatieff over the first year of his Liberal leadership is that people in his office were calling him Michael; that is until Peter Donolo swooped in to save the day and decreed that henceforth the leader of the opposition will be known to office staff only as Mr. Ignatieff. Ladies and Gentlemen, that's front page news! I guess there wasn't much else for Joan to write about today. When the Liberals tighten up the office, it is creating an environment of professionalism; had it been about Stephen Harper demanding to be called Mister, her story would have been about the erosion of Democracy.

Of course the story is plump full of quotes by anonymous insiders and cutting edge political analysis such as:

“It's about raising the level of professionalism, raising the game, creating expectations,” says the insider.

“It's really about changing the culture of the leader's office . . . and to create a kind of atmosphere of competence and confidence too.”

But the more disciplined inner circle, combined with reviving poll numbers and last week's successful leader's tour of university campuses, has at least given Liberals cause to hope.
Hope. Is that what that is? I can think of a few word plays that more aptly describe the reality of the situation...

"has at least given the Liberals cause for fleeting optimism."

"has at least given the Liberals cause for delusional self-adulation."

"has at least given the Liberals cause for temporary reprieve"

I could go on...


  1. Steven Harper will be on Charles Adler fund raiser for Hati tomorrow on Courus radiio.Or should I say Mr. Harper. Faith

  2. You may want to run a spell check next time Anonymous...

    Say, how's Mr. Igg as a nickname for Mike? It is like a hybrid Mr. Ed, but part chocolate bar.

  3. Everything that is happening in our world today, and Joan Bryden thinks the top news is to prop up her liberal party anyway she can - even if she feels calling Mr. Igghead now Mr. "someone"!... What bias this media has - and this is all she can find positive to say about her chosen leader. I guess it is okay as long as she doesn't have to write anything positive about the wonderful job our present Government is doing and how they are able to handle crises without the help of the liberal media and the whining opposition liberals.... We are outright stupid to even read her columns....

  4. Donolo has been pulling all of his media strings over the last few months, and he seems to have a lot of them to pull. He really has them all singing from the same hymn book.

  5. Iffy can't 'create a kind of atmosphere of competence and confidence',
    nor raise 'the level of professionalism',
    a leaders job,
    but Donolo can.

    Donolo for Liberal leader!!

  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Torstar buy the Globe and Mail a few years back?

  7. Now hold on. What we've got here is an application of "broken windows" theory: if you fix up the little things, the big stuff will improve.

    Let's face it: pre-Donolo, there was absolutely no way that Iggy could compete in an election with the already disciplined Harper.

    If the new discipline means Iggy will be less inclined to shoot himself in the foot, then by all means let him try it.

  8. Anonymous
    January 17, 2010 12:40 PM

    . He really has them all singing from the same hymn book.

    Very very true Anony. the liberals not only controls the national media, their Liberals' corruption support for radicalism ,thievery you name it are all supported by the national media.
    You me and the rest of the public don't mean swat to the national media.
    The ones who are free to say what they think and feel and do give you the real news and talk about it with your calls added on are :David Rutherford(Alberta), Lowell Green(ottawa) Adler(winipeg) Roy Green and a few others like them. These radio hosts are not afraid of THE LPOC nor of the NDP nor Bloc.

    The NDP and the BLOC can treat the national media(CBC CTV like garbage if they wanted. you see, since they have joined the coalition they are entitle to use the national media the same way the liberals do at anytime.

    Trusting the national media to give you information per to the liberals corruption, is a waste of time

  9. I can't keep up with the puff pieces from the biased media.

    After Ali, now "Mister"

    This stuff is priceless.

  10. Iffy is not qualified to be Prime Minister,
    is he even qualified to be Lib leader?

    Iffy should win a Lib leadership race
    before he rants at his pulpit about democracy.