Saturday, January 16, 2010

Are We Tory Spin Doctors?

CanadianSense had a nice post yesterday about the media coverage of recent political trends and the underlying polling data. The quote that stuck with me was Chantal Hebert saying "Looking at the polls, it would be tempting to conclude that the so-called chattering class has scored a rare point against Conservative spin doctors." I suppose "so-called chattering class" is her gentle euphemism for Kady O'Malley and other Liberal spin doctors who have been the driving force behind the manufactured outrage.

I asked the question "Do you think the Blogging Tories are among the "Conservative spin doctors" of whom Chantal speaks? Or do you have to earn a Doctorate in Spin from an accredited Academic Institution before you can be ascribed with such a distinction?" I am not affiliated with the Conservative Party, and I don't receive instructions from their war room. I would certainly label myself as an opinion pundit rather than a journalist. I rely on other people to report me the news, and I write about how I feel about it. I am in the opinion business.

Before I start calling myself Dr. Iceman I would like to emphasize "scored a rare point against Conservative spin doctors", where Chantal clearly admits that the "right wing chattering class" is on average far more effective than her cocktail crowd at appealing to the center of the spectrum. Hedy Fry is still dumbfounded that Logogate part I and II were not game changers. O'Malley can't believe that more Canadians don't support a Liberal-NDP-Bloc Coalition, because she's one of the few who will admit that it is the only way the Liberals can win power anytime soon.

But alas, the polls have shifted and the "cocktail class" is claiming victory. Let them have it. They haven't had anything to feel good about in a long time, and I have a strong suspicion that this will not last. You scored a rare point, but you're not winning the game.


  1. There is a groundswell of Canadian public support to bring the Olympic Games to Whitehorse. I have long advocated Whitehorse as fantastic destination for a NHL franchise...

  2. I dont know are we?I see citizens expressing themselves quite contently and handling themselves with their blogs quite well actually.Its part of the reason i keep sticking around.I mean yeesh some lefty blogs are too neurotic.If i posted even a slight right of center comment i get chewed out.Hard to have a debate with your opponent is being a potty mouth as a few bloggers here have put it.Ive tried youtube also.What a hive of scum and villany on youtube!Ive had death threats because of my faith and my support for the military.They swiftly get added to ignore list.


  3. Thanks for the plug. The expert (paid) punditry are aghast they have been unsuccessful in shaping public opinion. They have spent a great deal of personal capital make a monthly crisis-gate. To their horror they have witnessed the CPC recover during this recession compared to the 1950's. All the smart money was on an early election and Iffy being crowned the PM in 2009.
    Their favourite party and annointed leader was supposed to be the next Trudeau..
    Now they are planning on Plan B, who will replace him. Bob Rae, Justin Trudeau...
    After all this time these paid experts just don't get it. They think their own opinion should be respected and acted upon. Most Canadians have been tuning out for years. We are cynical and think all politicians are the same and act in their own self interest. The Peter cry wolf from the Liberals and media has been getting a pushback.

    The Health Accord in the US, H1N1 (National Emergeny), AGW-Global Warming Hoax has seen a teaparty and slow burn from people who are fed up and disinterested

  4. "Do you think the Blogging Tories are among the "Conservative spin doctors" of whom Chantal speaks?

    No, at the very best, the msm would consider BTs or Liblogs, spin nurses.
    I think they check out the blogs for grassroot sentiment, and a few pick up the odd idea for an article on the blogs....

  5. I actually considered Chantal's statement to be a compliment.

  6. ergo, if the Blogging Tories and Liblogs are both considered spin doctors, whether I agree with the label or not, than we are better than our counterparts at what we do.

  7. Funny I thought I was part of the "chatter class." My goal in blogging is to cut through the shit (spin). The shit in this case is that prorogation is A) a cover up of war crimes by NATO or Canada or B) a sneaky stuffing of the senate for no purpose other than to dominate it. Lies on both counts.

    We win in both debates and here is another little truth none of the pros want to get out: They invent crap to keep themselves relevant. Proroguing to them is like shutting off the taps before last call. ie. NO FAIR! QP is a still and they are just a bunch of angry drunks.