Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flash Mobs

The events of recent weeks are a clear indication that the left has developed a new tactic in agenda persuasion now known as "Flash Protests". Through their beloved "social media" they are now quickly able to mass small groups of people to spontaneously show up in public places or at public events, take their own pictures of themselves, and then quickly disperse. Kady O'Malley was delighting in the new tactic today, proclaiming that even ten people with signs at any given location can influence a negative spin on some government action. Even if only ten loons show up, the CBC can manipulate camera angles to present the illusion that there is more opposition and anger than exists in reality.

I have a pretty good understanding of the logistic of these tactics. There are a select number of "field marshals" that identify the events that they feel protestors should attend, and other comrades pass that on to the demographic of loons who enjoy showing up in public to complain about the government. It isn't rocket science. There is an information and command structure that influences the infrastructure of detractors, and media organizations like the CBC openly facilitate their agenda by promoting certain events in advance.

The left is very excited about their new tactic. The claim is that they can use it to disrupt government governance while spin doctors like O'Malley work diligently to keep the issues she's mad about active in the public sphere. In my opinion, they know not what they do; and they are risking alienating themselves from the center by giving a megaphone to their most rabid supporters. In the meantime, these clowns are walking a thin line between legal and illegal, and we should be ready to shine a light on any stumble to the wrong side of the law. The people on whom the Canadian left is now relying to advocate their agenda have big mouths. This is a slippery slope that the left are running across like Forrest Gump.


  1. How about here in Quebec where a lot of these groups that are always showing up on the street are subsidized by the provincial government - ostensibly to shut them up? The governments here have "un peur bleu" (are scared to death) of any demonstrations.

  2. Obviously these people who are able to participate in a "flash mob" at short notice are not gainfully employed, nor contributing to society. If they were like most of us, working the proverbial 9-5, there is ittle time to drop work, family or commitments to appear at a designated place for a protest (unless of course they are "journalists" like Kady, who can come and go as they please).
    /snark off

  3. Anony @ 11:10am

    I have a nephew that is a part of that crowd in Montreal and proud of it (is my embarrassment showing?)and indeed activism has become a full time career.It's disgusting because this MAN, that acts like a 15 year old was given every opportunity to succeed in the mainstream world but found this way of life about 5 years ago.

    Kady,has lost her moral and professional compass as far as I am concerned. She has ZERO credibility now and will eventually be nothing but another CBC journalistic joke.
    It's to bad that CBC has become such an Un-Canadian drain on the tax payer.