Friday, January 29, 2010

Elizabeth May on the Senate

With the Senate making the big news today and having watched the NDP critic demand abolition, I was curious to see Elizabeth May's take on the Senate issue. A Google search later and the best I could find was a brief reference to the Senate on the Green Party's website from 2006.

"The Senate is just one piece of the very complicated web that makes up our democracy," added Green Party leader Elizabeth May. "To tinker with it in isolation from other democratic systems, and without an appreciation for the many functions and long history of the Senate, is dangerous to say the least."

The Green Party supports the existence of the Senate, but advocate proportional representation of all political parties in the upper chamber. Ergo, there needs to be more Greens in the Senate, and Elizabeth May is their elected leader. The assertion is that we need to overhaul our democratic system in order to respect our democratic traditions. The Senate may be too complex to reform, so appoint more Greens and we're good to go?

The question is whether her treaty with Dion passes to Ignatieff, or if she will have to negotiate a new treaty with Iggy (or possibly already has)?

A few weeks ago I ran a poll on the Senate.


Elect it (71%)
Abolish it (24%)
Hands off it (4%)


  1. You've highlighted one of the reasons that I'm dead set against Proportional Representation.

    It's that it allows “those” who can't get elected by the citizenry, a way into political power. If they can’t get elected, they don’t deserve a seat at the table. If this was allowed, it wouldn’t be long before more and more methods were devised to get more of these very same undeserving types into power. Just like rats onto a dead rat’s carcass. Its little things like this that will slowly undermine democracy in favor of political and class cronyism.

    The hectoring blowhard that is mentioned above is a classic example of what I'm referring to. She deserves nothing from the people of this country.

  2. That clown from the NDP went bananas in front of Parliament. When politicians overreact to a normal thing, it the other side look more rational by comparison. That guy stopped just short of yelling and screaming.

  3. "The question is whether her treaty with Dion passes to Ignatieff, or if she will have to negotiate a new treaty with Iggy (or possibly already has)?"

    Wasn't she just at iffy's french chateau? I'm sure it wasn't because he felt the need for scintillating conversation.

  4. Elizabeth May is an idiot.

    I'm not terribly shocked that she took up Stephane Dion's argument against incremental reforms, with the same basic logical flaws.


  5. Lots of good information on proportional representation here: