Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vancouver Protest Venue Selection

Every weekend when the Vancouver Canucks host a hockey game, tens of thousands of Vancouver sports fans descend on the downtown core to watch the game, be it attending in person or watching at a Sports Pub. Many go early and explore downtown and several hundred commute from the North Shore via public transportation (alcohol consumption is often part of the hockey experience). On Saturday, somebody decided to host a protest at a venue directly in between the Sea Bus terminal and GM Place. They were attempting to draw a crowd on a migratory path of hundreds of Canucks fans, and guess what, they brought food! Makes you wonder what percentage of the alleged "several thousand protestors" (as reported in today's Province) were just Canuck fans walking by?

Somebody was calling the radio stations reporting "several thousand" people protesting on Hornby. I went out in search of several thousand people, but missed the few hundred people handing out perogies a few blocks away. I missed prorogies! Did anyone ever do a reliable head count? Or is a few hundred accepted to be several thousand in otherwise respected newspapers? I don't include the Vancouver Sun as a reliable newspaper, and I did not purchase a copy today. I would be interested to know what role the APC played in Saturday's protest, as they really represent the primary protest infrastructure in Vancouver, but I will delve into that later...


  1. The Edmonton protest was on Whyte Ave, in NDP MP Linda Duncan's riding and close to the U of A! Talk about non-partisan. HA! Not hardly!

  2. You should ask for pictures, that should be proof for you