Saturday, January 23, 2010

Serge Marcil not as important as Mike Ignatieff

One of the reasons that I watch the CBC is so that I can be tuned in when they do something negligent. Today for example I was watching Newsworld and at one point they broke the story that the body of former Canadian MP Serge Marcil had been recovered from the carnage in Haiti. They delved into this breaking news for about 10 seconds, but then had to cut away to live coverage of Mike Ignatieff giving a speech to a Liberal rally. It is a matter of priorities. I could only imagine how the friends and family of this slain former MP felt when they saw on the television that the missing body of their loved one had been found, and then were quickly cut away to an Iggy stump speech. How do you think they felt watching that hollow hyperbolic partisan speech waiting for more information on their missing friend?

The CBC had an agenda to promote their manufactured prorogation protests, where they had crews on the ground across the country. Rather than cover the story of Serge Marcil, they deemed it a priority to air live coverage of a stump speech. They could have waited a few minutes before airing non-live footage of the speech, but no they had to cut away right away.

The CBC, unbiased journalism in action!


  1. But who am I to judge. As the wise prophet Stephane Dion once said, "it is not easy to make priorities."

    Say, does anyone remember how many people showed up at those "Canadians for a coalition government" rallies in 2008?

  2. I wish we had a serious news outlet like the PBS in the US. If you ever have a chance flip between the PBS and the CBC when the news is on, the difference is so striking: the CBC looks like "Access Hollywood" by comparison. The CBC is not a serious news organization.

  3. Zero? Or just zeros?

  4. To the CBC no one is more important than the Iggomaniac. He is their one great hope for escaping the clutches of the non-socialist hordes that are becoming increasingly fed up with the absolute bias of the "people's network." If Ignatieff fails they will have to endure many more years of searching through a thesaurus to find new words on invective to throw at the Conservatives. And for people that have a feeble mind and a vocabulary that is limited to four letter (or less) words this is a terrible hardship.

  5. I heard this tonight, we are in the middle of a reno but never in my wildest dreams did I expect to hear that the Canadian TAX FUNDED NETWORK, would be such an ass.

    Let me say this, as a Canadian Conservative but as a Canadian first, my heart breaks for the family of former MP Serge Marcil. God bless you and may you find peace knowing that you have found him.
    This is devastating news and I am sad to lose another Canadian.

  6. CBC is completely biased and is no longer a source of political news for me. Whenever somebody refers to the Prime Minister as "this guy" they lose me as a viewer.
    I am a political junkie though and I need a daily fix so I prefer to watch Michael Coren whenever possible.
    He can be over-bearing at times but he always has a diverse panel on his show and the debate is usually quite lively.
    I can't wait to hear what he has to say about the prorogation protests.

  7. Where did they get this Solomon clown??

  8. FYI, Soloman was not on duty today, as much as I oppose that blowhard. It was a lady womanizing the anchor desk.

  9. I never caught any message of sympathy from Mr Iggy either. Videos of the anti coalition rallies are available at Climbing out of the Dark, and NBTory Gals fb page, I support the PM. And those crowds are much larger. Imagine if they had been promoted for weeks by the media.
    Too bad union signs and other organizations showed up with professional signs, took away all the hype this was a non partisan event yesterday.

  10. I'll sign any grassroots protest to rid the CBC of it's funding.
    Would the TorStar or CBC report that protest???

  11. Anonymous, send an email to Stockwell Day. He's looking for suggestions on where to cut spending.

  12. PBS is good in their delivery. Very non-sensationalized.

    However, I've become very disillusioned with PBS as of late, not as a whole but PBS Detroit to be exact. And PBS "World Focus" which has allowed some questionable guests with clear biases go unquestioned over some pretty serious statements.

    Allow me to quote myself from a recent blog comment made elsewhere:

    "[...]World Focus often has pro-Palestinian bias and have Ghassam Shabaneh as their middle east "expert" who goes unquestioned when spewing total BS in front of someone who should damn well know better.
    Spineless coward.

    They then had a Canadian leftist Irshad Manji trying to convince everyone that islam is a region of moderates and that only a tiny tiny few ruin it for everyone else. (paraphrasing, not her exact words, watch the video off their website.)

    After the using Al Jazeera English for their haiti coverage I couldn't help but bring this other stuff up.

    I think I'll take Bruce Bawers take on Islam over that of Irshad Manji. Especially in relation to Islam's supposed "moderates".