Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prorogation Shuffle

Curious headline on the Soloman show as he was preparing to interview Stockwell Day, "Prorogation Shuffle". We shuffled cabinet, not prorogation! Surely enough when they did bring on the new Minister of the Treasury for a few words, they changed the caption to "Cabinet Shuffle". Folks, I always say that I watch the Soloman Show so you don't have to. I'm a professional, don't try this at home. I am very pleased at Mr. Day's new assignment, and I think he is the perfect MP for the job of increasing fiscal responsibility amid deficit spending. I applaud the move.

Listening to the Liberal spin was amusing. On one hand you get Liberals saying that the cabinet shuffle is just an attempt to distract people from prorogation, and on the other hand they say it is about punishing Lisa Raitt for inappropriate use of an adjective. When you put both hands together, the Conservatives are attempting to distract Canadians by drawing attention to an individual mistake? Smart. Personally I think it was a poor choice for her to use the word sexy as an adjective in that circumstance but it is certainly no adequate barometer of her overall competence. The isotope shortage would have happened no matter who the Minister in charge was because the old reactor is well past its "best before" date and the MAPLE reactors they built from 1997-2000 never worked properly. I don't know about you, but my margin of error for nuclear reactors is very low.

I don't even think Oppenheimer would have been able to avoid the perfect storm that formed around the isotope issue. Just another blunder added to the long list of mistakes during the last dozen years of Liberal rule, which Lisa might have thought was sexy, but was in fact a no win situation. Do we really want to fire up the MAPLE reactors and risk a meltdown? Nuclear technology is one of the few that I would prefer outsourcing to France...

P.S: I also recommend against buying a Premier bathtub


  1. I am happy to have you watch the CBC circus, as I do not want to inflate Soloman ratings. I hope the new standing "look" for CBC anchors will be a disaster. I hate Soloman's style, personality and guests. Kady has deserted her professional roots and has drunk the kool-aid.

  2. Sorry that you have to sacrifice so much to watch that partisan, brain-dead, piece of detritus. I watched a few shows and thought this clown was so biased and idiotic that he wouldn't last a week. It was also hilarious watching to see if his head would explode when his guests didn't follow his 'slag the Conservatives' line or let him put words in their mouths. The regular appearance of that O'Malley cretin was, however, the final straw. That pair of jerks are all yours and I hope you have lots of antacid handy.

  3. I love Stockwell Day being put in the treasury board. If the Liberals thought Jean Chretien was bad, they have yet to witness what Stock's gonna do.

    I imagine he's probably rubbing his hands fairly gleefully.