Sunday, January 17, 2010

Liberal Workshops: Sweet 16

With the Liberal caucus set to return to work in a week, I thought it would be nice to offer them some suggestion for seminars and workshops that they can host to help develop their talent and brand. Given the quantity of quality suggestions available, I decided to hold my first poll in tournament format. The objective is to select the seminar that you would most like to attend, be it for educational or entertainment value. There is no wrong answer. While we are waiting for Parliament to be prorogued, let's wax nostalgic about our favourite Liberal low lights.

This post will henceforth be linked as the Unofficial Libuary Madness Tournament Homepage; each division will run for 48 hours midnight to midnight, 2 at a time. The Conference final (consisting of the top two in each division) goes 3 days over the weekend. The final four begins on Jan 25th. I even added an "office pool" scoring system in the spirit of the NCAA basketball tournament. I recommend picking a winner in each division and keeping your score at home.


  1. If the font is too small on the tournament graffic, click on the image for full page view. The first round of polls will be posted at midnight Pacific time.

  2. lol, where did you find this Top Secret document?

    You have a mole at LPOC HQ?

    Don't forget to include Double D -Dryden on Daycare (Just Creepy)

    Ruby one hour plenary session on how to short circuit your bollywood career.

    McCallum on Vehicle Indentification Workshop, Domestic vs Foreign

    Iffy on Environment compliments of a customizable TD Report. (How to buy windmills)

    Conference Sponsors
    David Suzuki/Al Gore/George Soros (Green Tech Picks)
    TD Bank

  3. And where do you put the liberals media in all of this-cheerleaders.
    hundreds of brown bag to collect our $40 million which the liberals stole from us.
    Who will be the 'acting' speaker of the House-Mansbridge or FIFEGATE?

  4. Good idea Iceman, only thing that I find kinda confusin' how do you pick a "Winner" at a Lieberal Convention?? Last time they "picked" Mr Ignatieff, time before that was Mr Dion. His predessor was the master of dither Mr Martin. Any way the lucky "winner" first place anointee should get a date with Hedy, 2nd place gets two dates with Hedy, third place is given a new identity and plastic surgery.

  5. Not gonna lie, I'm a little dissapointed that Arts and Crafts with Ross Rebougliati is running in 3rd place in its bracket. Hopefully him making the news today helps his cause. Do people not get that there are two seperate jokes in the seminar title?

  6. It really isn't looking good for Arts and Crafts with Ross Reboyardiati, trailing a playoff spot by 7% with a few hours to play...