Sunday, January 24, 2010

Did Protests Cause Traffic Accidents?

I would like to ask the question, were there any serious traffic accidents while these many thousands of people were marching in solidarity through the streets of Canada? I know of at least one, because I saw it. At 1pm "several thousand people" met at the Vancouver Art Gallery and marched through the streets to some undisclosed location. People who were there admit that they blocked traffic. Not long after they began to block traffic on Georgia street (which doubles as a highway), there was a deadly accident south bound in the Stanley Park causeway heading towards Georgia. Stanley Park empties onto Georgia Street. I would encourage any survivors of this devastating traffic wreck to direct your attention to the Canadians Against Prorogation Facebook page for your pending lawsuits.

I guess the kid that planned this party did not consider the possibility that his negligent planning may have killed people. Rather than just meet at one place and stay there, they insisted on making it a traffic blocking street protest. Next time you want to organize a rally to protest a standard Parliamentary procedure, stop for a minute to consider the consequences.


  1. So there was no rally as per your post yesterday or there was a rally as per this post?

    You make no sense.

  2. Allow me to clarify. I arrived late for the rally because I was stuck in the traffic jam created by this car accident. My post yesterday was about how when I got there an hour late, I couldn't find anybody. I received several comments from people who were there and they assured me that had I not been delayed by the traffic accident, I would have been there to see thousands block traffic.

    As one contributor wrote:

    beginning at the Art Gallery and ending at Victory Square on Pender. I marched with over a thousand patriotic folks, and we stopped traffic

  3. I looked at the video footage, and the police definately shut down Georgia. As it happens, Georgia Street is also the trans-Canada highway! A vital traffic artery relied on by thousands of commuters daily from the north shore into the downtown core, and to the airport and American border. They shut down a highway to increase the dramatic effect.

    I have made that commute hundreds of times myself. If you block off Georgia at Hornby on a Saturday afternoon, it will only take a matter of minutes to back up into the Stanley Park causeway, which is the same trans-Canada highway. I also love all the people who have never been to Vancouver who have an opinion about this!

  4. Wow, that must have been a huge, significant protest! Stephen Harper better sit up and take notice if it were enough people to cause such a public hazard.