Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama, the Tides they are a changin'

For the past year I have been expecting the pendulum to swing back towards the right side in the 2010 midterm elections, but never in my wildest dreams would I have predicted the Democrats losing Ted Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts! I suppose the tide is shifting faster than many would have predicted, which feels fantastic for those of us who have been concerned what the filibuster-proof Dems were going to do to the American economy. After this stunning defeat in one of the safest blue states, a lot of Democrat House and Senate representatives are going to have to take a sobering second look at the Pelosi Agenda.

I remember during the campaign, Obama was championing himself as the bearer of a brave new era of bipartisanship in Washington. What did he mean by bipartisan? Do whatever I tell you to do because I won the election. Pundits like Bill Maher have been furious that Republicans have been resisting "populist opinion" refusing to bow down to Pelosi's will. To the narrow minded like Maher, it doesn't make any sense how an opposition would oppose government legislation when they have lost the election.  For this blasphemy the closed minded Conservatives would surely pay a steep price at the polls, like winning two Democrat strongholds in New Jersey and Massachusetts. The people expressed their outrage at Republican partisanship by electing them where they are not normally elected. This victory tastes so sweet, and I think it is a simple barometer for the devastation that the Dems will surely feel in November.

The tide is moving back out Mr. President, and the question remains will he listen to what the people are saying, or will he ignore and stick to Nancy's legislative agenda? I can guess, but truly I don't know what he will do. All I know Mr. Obama is that the tides, they are a changin'!

Watching CNN tonight, Paul Beggalla had giant bags under his eyes like he was crying in the green room before air time.

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  1. Yeah, but they didn't have the time or the 'sense' to use fraud on the absentee vote. Nor did the media have the sense to set up exit polls to influence the outcome as they were sure it was in the back for the Democrats. Two mistakes they will never do again, so watch out!

    Obama is not doing too well with his fly-ins, like his fly-in to support the Olympic bid for Chicago.