Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jon Stewart, I'm sorry

I owe an apology to Jon Stewart. In the past I have accused him of being a blunt partisan instrument of the far left, ready to castrate the Jim Cramers of the world to defend his man Obama. It bothers me that there are legions of young people who watch his show in lieu of the news, and I have scolded Jonny boy on a few occasions for that reason. But after seeing him eviscerate Keith Olbermann, I am man enough to admit that I owe Jon an apology, at least in this instance. I watched his bit and all that I could think to myself was "nicely done!" For all the times that I have watched the Daily Show and been upset, this time I applauded. We will see where we go from here Jon, but for now, I salute you.

Tonight, days after the piece on Olberman, Jon slammed Obama for setting up 2 teleprompters at a speech at a speech at a grade school classroom. Is Jon Stewart trying to expand to a new audience? I know that I am more willing to watch his show today than I was a week ago.  I am not saying that I will always agree with what Stewart says, but for now, I salute him.  I did spend 30 minutes trying to find the Olbermann clip on Youtube, but alas the perfect clip did not appear in all my many searches.  Ergo, I have given up and won't link it.  Find it yourself because it is getting late and my bed is calling my name.


  1. The only reason that Jon the Vomit went after Olberquack is because he was discrediting the left.

    No need to apologize.

  2. I had not thought of it that way Crash. He was angry that Keith was making the left look bad. That makes sense. I just liked to see it. In my Youtube search all that keeps popping up are Olbermann links and editted compositions.

  3. Does Comedy Central have a legal fight with Youtube? I know the South Park guys have a fight with Youtube.

  4. PS: I did not go to bed at 8am. The post was on a scheduled release.

    I'm sure this caused much confusion... :)

    is getting late and my bed is calling my name.

    Posted by The_Iceman at 8:00 AM"

  5. Hey.

    I watch Jon Stewart all the time - I know he's a cheerleader for the left, but I find him absolutely hilarious! Doesn't mean I'm going to change who I support, but he has a way of making whoever he wants to look stupid, well... stupid.
    I'm an equal opportunity laugher - if it's funny, I laugh. Just like 22 Minutes - it also helps me to form good foundations and understanding of what it is that the people I disagree with actually stand for and believe.
    And there's lots of times that Jon says stuff I get upset over, but that's comedy I guess!

  6. This is where I saw the clip a couple days ago