Monday, January 18, 2010

Prorogation; I'll check my sources next time...

I recently wrote a post about how our government's magnificent response time to the Haiti crisis was not the least bit hindered by prorogation, to which some Liberal observers lashed out that I was misinformed about the prorogation because it hasn't started yet. I am sorry for my error and I am embarrassed. Next time I will have to double check my sources on matters of constitutional law. My source in this case was Kady O'Malley, back when she was planting the seeds of her "grassroots" movement; she presented the thesis that proroguing in December in lieu of waiting until Jan 25th would diminish the Government's ability to respond to an emergency. Ergo by proroguing in December, as Kady told me, was evidence of a conspiracy to cover-up a conspiracy.

I am humiliated that I trusted Kady O'Malley to be a journalist and an expert in constitutional law. I should have known better than to listen to anything she had to say. I was so consumed with providing a rebuttal to her Liberal talking points that the thought had never occurred to me that her talking points were just wrong. I am ashamed that I trusted Kady and the CBC to present me the truth.

In the event that you didn't pick up on the sarcasm, it was intended... :)

PS: It would be nice if somebody could find the video clip of O'Malley on CBC Newsworld accusing the government of a cover up for proroguing in December instead of January, where she stated that doing so in December would diminish the government's ability to respond to a crisis.


  1. I feel bad for you - following the CBC... tsk, tsk!
    Well, on the other hand, it's a good idea to keep up on what the Left is thinking and what their talking points are going to be, so if you have to, I guess the CBC is the best place for that.

  2. I always say, I watch the CBC so you don't have to. They take my taxes. I feel like I'm morally obligated.

    For the record I was aware that prorogation doesn't start until Jan 25th when I wrote what I wrote the other day. I specifically took the "prorogation not affecting disaster response" theme because Kady had questioned our ability to respond to an emergency between Dec and Jan 25 as it related to prorogation.

  3. Left wing bloggers criticize the CBC? The Mothership?

    Yeah. That's going to happen.

  4. Where is the flood of ridicule from left wingers that a Blogging Tory did not properly vet his media sources? Come on guys, I know you're out there...


  5. lol,

    does this mean you will cancel the flowers to Kady for Valentines Day?

    I give you full credit for tuning into the CBC, you are one of the few who still do.

    How do they justify the salaries if they can't break the Top 30 ?

  6. O/t. What exactly is the national medias ratings

    I am sure that high ratings went to: ADLER, RUTHERFORD, Lowell Greem and Roy GREEN and a few other radio hosts. These hosts are doing the job which the national media refuse to do.

  7. Don't feel bad. It looks like Ralf Goodale was using Kady for his source of info on the prorogation as well. ;)

    ---Alberta Bob---

  8. Kady sounded fairly lenient on this one.
    Maybe the flowers should still be okay for Valentines Day. Just don't send them c/o The CBC.

  9. What do you mean, prorogation hasn't yet come into effect? If this is the case why are the Liberals and their sycophantic lap-dogs in the MSM whining, sniveling, and rending their clothing over it. Hasn't anyone alerted Ralph Goodale, "Juicy" John McCallum, Kady O'Malley, or the ever-idiotic Evan Soloman to this fact yet? Surely this gang of non-partisan morons couldn't be having a hissy-fit over an event that has not yet taken place.

  10. The way I understand it, the effect of the prorogation is that the work of the committees of both Houses is suspended, meaning no official meetings. That's essentially what I think the opposition is riled about. You know, being deprived of a forum to continue calling the Conservatives and the military war criminals, and related accusations. They're also peeved because when reconstituted, Conservatives will (probably) have a majority in the Senate and there will be changes to the members on H of C committees due to the Cabinet shuffle.

    The other effect is that instead of returning on January 25, both Houses resume duties, including committees, on March 3.

    So essentially, because the Committees are disbanded on prorogation, prorogation took effect as soon as the GG approved the PMs request to end the sitting. Had prorogation not taken effect until January 25, the committees would have continued meeting officially.

    Of course, I stand to be corrected.

    Louise M.

  11. According to the Parliamentary website, the house was prorogued from Dec 30 to Mar 3.

    Of course, all the yelling about the 2 month/3 month/4 month vacation was just that - yelling, because the parliament wasn't scheduled to resume until the 25th so really, would the opps have been "working". So the 17 days (leaving out the Olympics that the house voted to shut down for) actual shut down is accurate.

  12. There's somebody in Canada that watches the CBC?

    Wow, who knew!