Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who are the top Tories under 40?

I would like to ask the question, who are the top Tories under 40? When I watch James Moore on television aptly answering questions from the bitterly partisan Soloman, my first impression is that this is a man who could one day lead my country. Given that I believe you need to be at least 40 years old to lead a country, preferably at least 50, James at 33 (and my senior) needs to accrue more experience before I would endorse him on a leadership ticket. Yet when I see a fantastic talent like him accumulating experience in cabinet, I am very inspired about the next generation of Tory talent.

I am unlikely to launch "my top Tories under 40" poll until after my "Liburary Madness" polling tournament is complete, but I would still like to listen to your suggestions and predictions of who are the brightest young stars of the party? I am also a fan of Stephen Alexander, and I would like to know who you think is the future of the party.


  1. The Conservatives have a number of up and coming parliamentarians who have the potential to make fine leaders. However, one of the criteria to elevate them to such a position should never be the ability to match wits with Evan Soloman. My neighbour's cat could win a debate with this idiot.

  2. I started searching the ages of Tory cabinet ministers, and the MPs born in the 1970s are James Moore, Steven Fletcher, Rob Moore and Christian Paradis. But I used Wikipedia to look it up, so take it for what it's worth.

    There are a lot of prominent Tories aged 40-45.

  3. Unless I'm forgetting someone, James Moore is the youngest Cabinet Minister.

  4. I like James Moore, too, but my top choice of all Conservative MPs/cabinet ministers is Jason Kenney.

    How old is he?

  5. I concur on Kenney. I may have to change the parameters to "Top Tory Under 42".

  6. So we have top Tories under 42

    James Moore
    Jason Kenney
    John Baird
    Rob Moore
    Christian Paradis
    Steven Fletcher

  7. Rod Bruinooge, my MP, is 36.