Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Yes Men are running out of ideas

Creativity knows no boundaries. On second thought, actually yes it does; it is bounded by the limits of an individual's imagination. In the case of the Yes Men, they are running out of gas. Today they released a phony video of Stephen Harper talking to Manbridge with a fake voice over telling Canadians how Canadians think about Canadian issues. Thank you pretty Americans for preaching to me your beliefs in an attempt to accomplish your political agenda. You don't like globalization. You don't like commerce. You don't like jobs. You don't like growth. You would like us to shut down the oil patch that accounts for a massive chunk of our nation's GDP.  You are "anti" a lot of things, especially Canada now that you have a President you support and don't want to harm politically.

At the end of the day these goofs are improv sketch artists. They tend to prefer live stunts, but in the case of this video was just an editing room gag. I love when Americans tell me how I feel about my own country, not unlike Mike Ignatieff's True Patriot Love. Their voice over of our Prime Minister included many "Canadians think" and "Canadians feel" as though these two anti-globalization activists are experts on what Canadians think or how Canadians feel.

I have a strong suspicion that the Yes Men will be visiting my beautiful city of Vancouver in the very near future. I'll be watching!

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  1. The Preachy Americans. Doesn't seem to matter who's in the White House, they just love to tell us what to think because they have it all figured out.