Friday, January 22, 2010

The Protest Organized by an 18 year old

It is good to know that the CBC is busy promoting a story that they will surely be covering extensively tomorrow, telling people when and where to show up. I just finished watching an interview with the 18 year old kid who is organizing the Ottawa rallies. A kid who assures us that this will be a non partisan event, and his evidence for this assertion is that he knows someone attending who once voted conservative. Excellent, with that kind of supporting evidence we should nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I do not want to discourage young people from developing an interest in politics. I think it is great to have more people engaged in the political system, I would just be weary of who I take my cues from. Young people may be the future, but they also lack the necessary collection of life experiences that would qualify them to preach their beliefs to a national audience. They have not lived enough life to fully appreciate and understand the theatrics of politics. Young people are much easier to convince about virtually anything than are their elders. If I can convince a 10 year old that a magical rabbit sneaks into their house once a year to hide candy, how hard is it to convince an 18 year old that democracy is being destroyed via a normal parliamentary procedure? I would like to ask this kid how many years ago he stopped believing in Santa Claus. He would have been 5 years old when Chretien prorogued Parliament to kill the Somalia Inquiry.

Sure enough now Soloman is talking to Kady O'Malley about what she referred to as a "study" on this Facebook Prorogation group. Basically the kid who created it ran a survey on the website, and now the unscientific results are the subject of an entire segment of the Soloman Show (referred to by Kady as "this study") with guests encouraging people to attend the protest. The results from this survey were repeatedly put up on screen on our national broadcaster. Somehow I suspect that the 20 people who watch the Soloman Show had already RSVP their lawn chairs for Saturday, but nonetheless I am frustrated by the persistent existence of Liberal partisanship on a tax funded network.

I love how they had cameras at the protest in Toronto that had a whopping 30 people. They keep repeating the footage on the CBC, where the cameraman goes in at a low and close angle to mask the fact that hardly anyone showed up. I am assuming that the Ottawa rally will attract significantly more people, given the speakers that have agreed to address the audience. How many registered Liberals, Dippers, and Greens are there within driving distance of Ottawa?


  1. Ohhhh..........

    So it's the old line of "I use to be a conservative but now I'm not"

    Gee Wizz! How very convincing and original too!


    Only as CBC numbskull could fall for that one.

  2. Oh I was 18 too and in my first election, I voted Liberal because SHE WAS A FEMALE and SO WAS I....whoo hooo! What a diligent political genius I was and that was when they actually taught the Constitution, Canadian politics, geography and YOU HAD TO PASS BIGTIME to go on to University.

    Now we have the likes of this nonsense and a Liberal party leader that is suggesting that perhaps student loans could be paid back by volunteering out of THIS country???

    The "me me" generation is becoming brainwashed by entitlement and encouraged by idiots.

  3. What is the average age when kids stop believing in Santa Claus?

  4. All the baseless complaints about an exact 17 DAYS break (Jan.25-29, Feb. 1-5, 8-12, and March 1-2) which comprises PM Harper’s SECOND PROROGATION, compared to sidewinder Chrétien’s FOUR and P.E.Trudeau’s TEN, is leading up to the Opposition-sponsored, MS/LS Media-endorsed mass protest rallies on Capital Hill, co-starring Taliban Jack and Lizzy nut-bar May. There is one sure-fire way to derail this Ignominious Illusion’s exposé, and this can come from PM Stephen Harper himself, if he so chooses. Mr. Harper should officially announce his FIVE SENATE APPOINTEES, at precisely 1 P.M. tomorrow. This would put throw a wrench into the Opposition forces, and send the LSM scurrying. HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY to our GREAT LEADERSHIP!! Tomorrow, January 23rd, marks exactly 4 years since our government was voted into power, and they’ve done a remarkable job all through the adverse conditions and turmoil put forth by the dark forces of the Opposition, which can’t stoop low enough to try to defame Mr. Harper. This special 4th anniversary could be celebrated in a way no one could’ve ever dreamed, if our Leader once again shows his skills by taking the initiative at a time of optimum opportunity. Mr. Harper, please NAME YOUR 5 SENATE APPOINTEES AT 1 P.M. TOMORROW, and we’ll witness another colourful page in political history.

  5. I'm curious about the question but I'll bite. 7-8.

    My kids, me? Never. Otherwise the "Magic" leaves our lives but I (we) also hold a strong reverent feeling and respect for the true meaning of Christmas. Santa is just the embodiment of 'giving' to one and all.

    I'm curious where you are going with this but I suspect like me, millions of Canadians are embracing the Haiti telethons.....I sure hope so. It's so heartbreaking. I wish I could solve this with mere dollars but I think not.

  6. Bec, I'm not "going anywhere" with the Santa Claus bit, other than making the point that young people are easily convinced that fairy tales are true. I am not declaring war on the spirit of Christmas, and I wish those people in Haiti the best. They will be competing for air time on Saturday with the 18 year old's scheduled protest on a standard parliamentary procedure.

  7. I used to watch Don Newman on CBC, but I cannot abide Solomon. OK, I assume that 95% of CBC staffers support Liberal or NDP causes, but they used to put more effort into hiding it. Solomon makes no effort whatever to appear non- biased. What he and O'Malley are really talking about tonight is OUR protest. There is a difference between reporting the news, and being part of it; Solomon has completely lost that distinction. I have made these points to the CBC ombudsman, who refers you to the producer. Neither see any problem whatever with Solomon.
    Perhaps others should make the point again. The address is at the bottom of page.

  8. Martin, I think many of us keep trying but it seems (as was the case with CTV and Global) the more we bitch, the worse it gets. My 80 year old parents, haven't watched a Canadian network since Fox news became available on cable. They actually hooked me up, ironically. I am getting pretty frustrated with all of the "reporting" on the blogs by bloggers and commenters, when all they do is dissect the travesty that is Canadian media. We give them hits by doing that.

    The PM has decided Canadian media is garbage, that is good enough for me!

  9. In my defense Bec, I don't send the CBC hits because I don't like their sites, show any video, nothing. I just feel somebody had to cry foul at that garbage for the sake of the young people who have yet to figure out the difference between real journalism and what the CBC is.

    I yearn for the day that Soloman is off the air and I can stop writing about him, but until that happens I feel like somebody has to call it out. Think of those innocent young minds as sheep, and the CBC as the coyote. Don't you need a sheep dog to watch the flock?

    Also, you may have noticed that I never call the Soloman Show by its real name. Personally I think that they decided to name it is a severe oxymoron bordering on a flagarant foul.

  10. Soooo i guess we should take lead from an 18 year old eh?Ah yeah ok.that might work for Che,Castro,or Mao,but not for me.I still think its important to watch the news so as to point out flaws in their arguements or stories.That way they cant say they were "censored".(Yes we heard ya and we still think its a bad idea!)


  11. HA ha. Iceman, you are our eyes and ears! I definitely wasn't referring to you. Sorry if you thought so but yes, I am delighted you are experiencing why I started to blog. This is the reality in Canadian media and it's frightening.

  12. The C.B.C.'s turn will come they have become the official organ grinder while the opposition "monkeys" dance and gibe for the uninformed, ignorant tourists. Pathetic really Mr Ignatieff has a "vision" Jack well, he is just hopin' for a few cabinet seats. Gilles he will as usual, take whatever he can extort for his "Cinderella Provence" hmmm methinks Cinderella is assuming the girth and strident screechin' of a certain green wishful princess. The three stooges latest foray into Canadian Political life, is being aided by our very own haunt of lefty socialists for life and an indexed pension of course, CBC your budget cuts await you. Coalition of Canadians Really, really against prorogation or C.C.R.R.A.P. Rally on! After all Global warmin' is Dead what is a Faux Revolutionary to do ? where can he go to show off his Solidarity with Che' and Mao not to mention Joe Stalin. Nothin' to see here folks just a bunch of people who are ignorant of our Constitution.
    Cheers Bubba