Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Belinda Stronach; Bill and Tie's Excellent Adventure!

I was aware of the social relationship between former President Bill Clinton and former Tory MP Belinda Stronach, but it was not until today that I learned Team Hillary sent a squad of "private investigators" to formally investigate the allegations of a romantic relationship in the event that this became an issue during a Presidential campaign. For some reason, Bill Clinton's word was insufficient for Team Hilary and thus a crew of Magnum PI’s was required to determine if Bill was bedding Belinda. At least one of them drew the conclusion that yes indeed they were getting it on. This information was brought to me by the writers of a book called Game Change. If you click on the link below and buy a copy from Amazon, I get a commission.

I will refrain from making jokes about Tie Domi's "sloppy seconds", but it is interesting how Belinda was spending a lot of time with Bill Clinton at the same time as she was spending a lot of time with Tie. There would appear to be an overlap in the time periods of her romantic affairs with Tie Domi and Bill Clinton, two married men. I am generally agnostic on the matter of infidelity, and neither am I critical of Belinda's virility. I just think that this is all very interesting, that's all.  I'm not ashamed to admit that once upon a time I was smitten with Belinda.  If anything I'm a little bit jealous.


  1. Iceman - I have heard about this book. Going to put hold on it at my library account.
    Unfortunately, as long as I am unemployed I have vowed not to spend on things other than the bare necessities of life, so buying books is out.
    Right now I am reading "Arguing with Idiots" library loan.

  2. Oh.. and wasn't Belinda Stronach also playing around with one of the Conservative MPs before she crossed over to the dark side? Was it MacKay? How soon we forget.