Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama Partying Like It's 1984!

This week I decided to rent the film 1984 with Richard Burton to remind myself of this pillar of political literary opinion. When my class read the book in school, I was not interested. I just skimmed the Coles Notes and moved on. I had never seen the film version, and it took all of thirty minutes for me to see several parallels with modern Liberalism. Now all I can see is President Obama and the Democratic Party who want to inflate and grow "Big Brother". Who'd have predicted that this Orwellian torpedo fired at the right wing would one day mirror what the Liberal movement would eventually become?

Obama's most passionate supporters closely resemble that audience of people in the opening sequence in their actions and published opinions. How delicious the irony that the Liberal movement would one day become the very same caricature that they painted of their opponents once upon a time? They promote big government like Orwell, food rationing, they promote controlling the message like Orwell, and they basically predict 2010 like it is 1984.  Perhaps we should have a modern Liberal writer like Mike Ignatieff write a book titled 2084?

Here are some of the quotes directly from the film:

"April 4th, 1984.

I think to the past or to the future, to an age where thought is free; from the age of big brother, from the age of the thought police, from a dead man, greetings."

"Watch me. There brother, that's what I want. Anyone under 45 is perfectly capable of touching his toes."

"The proletarian won't count, they're animals"

"Double plus good this. Do you know, I don't think there's a single piece of meat in this stew? Looks like meat, tastes like meat, it isn't meat at all. Double plus good."

"Freedom is slavery! Ignorance is strength! A triumph of will power over the orgasm! As a rally of the anti-sex league in Victory Square tonight held to celebrate a 50% decrease in civil marriages"

On that note, might I plug a fantastic book by Jonah Goldberg? It ties everything together. Oh, and the indoctrination of children in this film is equally disturbing, yet the focus of modern Liberals.


  1. Liberal Fascism was a great book. I haven't read or seen 1984. Now I think I have to.

  2. I don't believe driving my car heats the planet. Somebody call the thought police!