Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Teleprompter

President Obama will be delivering his State of the Union address this evening, where he will clearly attempt to stop the bleeding of support that has been flooding away from his party in a mass exodus. I expect there will be teleprompters. Look, the guy gave a speech recently at an elementary school and brought his teleprompters. Yes, talking to little kids, he required teleprompters. I remember when I was in elementary school, once per year we were required to deliver a speech to our classmates. We were required to memorize our speech. I was memorizing my speeches in the 6th grade, but I suppose that is too much to ask from the leader of the free world. I suppose it is easy to be a great public speaker when you read it off a screen.

As for substance, that is something I have not come to expect from the Obama Presidency. I expect more superlative fluff, and I expect he will say something that will attempt to have a deep impact with the electorate. This is his last State of the Union before the midterm elections, and if the by-elections have taught us anything, it is that the Democrats have serious cause for concern.


  1. I'd feel better with teleprompter myself.

  2. TOTUS for POTUS in 2012!!

  3. Icemen: please keep me informed as to what garbage this guy spews this evening. I found a picture of an old TV test pattern on the web and I intend to put it on my computer as a background screen so I can stare at it until his speech is finished. That is surely more interesting than watching him expound on his latest big government proposals.

  4. His State of the Union address went down like lukewarm soup. Nothing special.

    Regarding Obama's classroom speech, the kids were just props.