Thursday, January 21, 2010

Evan Soloman's "Haiti Bump"...a time to pun?

It bothers me to no end that a bitter partisan like Evan Soloman is employed by my tax funded public broadcaster to exploit any opportunity to score political points. Take Haiti for example, where Evan dedicated a portion of his show today to his expectation of a "Haiti bump" in the polls for the government; and that because there was only a 1% increase in government support in a poll that was launched the day after the earthquake, this was evidence that the Canadian public has not responded positively to the rapid government response to the crisis. I don't know if the term "Haiti bump" was on the teleprompter, or if that gem was Soloman improv, regardless it was an utterly tasteless pun. Do you not think Evan that Haitians might not appreciate your selective use of the word "bump" to score political points?

Of course for half of Evan's "Power Panel" he ran the caption "no Haiti effect on party standings"; regardless of the fact that the poll started the day after the earthquake before anyone really understood the scope of the disaster and the emergency readiness of our Armed Forces. If the poll starts asking questions before anyone knows what has happened, then you can't cite poll results to prove or disprove a theory that you believe there should be a "Haiti bump". Then you have his colleague Kady O'Malley delighting over the same poll and providing us a detailed mathematical analysis. Yes, the "journalist" who can't add 40 and 18 is going to channel John Nash...

I have some more consumer products for you to avoid, and encourage people you know to avoid. Do NOT buy Bounty paper towels, do NOT buy Kashi Foods, and certainly do NOT buy Oil of Olay (NOT even once a day).

Oh, and it looks like Scott "kill him kill him dead" Reid now has a weekly spot on the CBC, ON THE SOLOMAN SHOW! Jesus Christ, I hope they aren't paying him for this, but that will be subject of my next post...


  1. It is time for the propaganda network to get its just desserts. Since they are so impressed with Facebook grass roots activism, I would like to see one start up that demands the network is disbanded.

  2. Well I hope the Iffy Liberals stay tied with the Harper Conservatives, so it gives them the confidence they need to pull the plug!!!.

    Four years of the never ending faux scandals is enough.
    CWB just lost their court challenge against the government. That's 3 court challenges now.

    If a majority think that Iffy and Jack can run this country better, then they should get the chance to say so.

  3. Anonymous has a damn good idea there. Privatize the leftards and they are dead as Air America. No one would pay for the crap.

  4. End the CBC now! Not a further cent of taxpayer money to that socialist sinkhole. Defund it, pass a bill dissolving it and prohibiting payment of 1 cent in total severance to anyone associated with the CBC and terminating all CBC contracts immediately. Make CBC go black and silent now.

  5. You take it too far anonymous. I am not advocating dissolving the CBC, merely putting it up for auction and seeing if it can survive as a private entity. If they did not receive tax dollars, I wouldn't care.

    I suspect that 9:34 anonymous may be a Liberal doing a "Colbert".

  6. Yes, for sure,
    Idiots all.
    It's been a rough Summer,
    Here's to a great Fall!

  7. I believe Evan Soloman went too far comparing Arnold Schwartzenegger to the IMF president Strauss-Kahn. While what Schwartzenegger did was despicable, it is hardly in the same category as rape!!!!! Time for re-education Evan - what were you thinking?