Friday, October 1, 2010

What's Wrong With Ignatieff?

Yesterday the leader of the Liberal Party said that he does not understand why more Canadians aren't drinking his koolaid. Despite a whole lot of money spent this summer schmoozing the party's rank and file, the Liberals are still stuck below 30%. Their only good news is that the NDP is in a free fall, with yet another poll this week pegging them below 15%. Several pundits labelled the summer as very bad for the Tories, so where are all the people who were invited to Iggy's "big red tent"?

If Iggy doesn't know why he is so unpalatable to Canadians, perhaps we should let him know? Tonight's poll question will be "why aren't more Canadians shifting to the Ignatieff led Party?" I will be accepting nominations.

I liked how Taber compared Iggy to Hercules in article that mentions his flip flop on EI 360, but does not talk about him slipping out the back door before the vote. Iggy has missed 15 of the last 17 votes in the House of Commons.


  1. "why aren't more Canadians shifting to the Ignatieff led Party?"

    No leadership, no policies
    (except those poached from the Dippers)

  2. No bench strength. Honestly, Bob Rea the failed premier of Ontario? Usal Dosanjh, another failed NDP premier? Denis Coderre, Hamas sympathizer?

  3. "What's wrong with Ignatieff ?"

    He is auditioning for the wrong job.

    If voters wanted a replacement for Phil Donohue, microphone in hand, walking around the stage, taking questions from the audience, offering up lots of analysis but no definitive conclusions, then Iggy is our man.

    A PM-in-waiting has to present himself as such. For example, take the F-35 issue. How much more is there for Iggy to "review" ? Surely he has enough information by now, to take a definitive stance--eg. we will only purchase 48 jets, or whatever.

    He is insulting our intelligence, by dragging the issue out way too long, afraid of taking a position which he has to defend, and which might alienate a subset of voters.

  4. He's not the problem. People are tired of the usual leftist crap. Does anyone honestly think that they will fare any better under Boob Rae? They have had numerous opportunities to show growth and leadership and always fall back on their default position of "oppose at all costs". The firearms registry being a godd example. If they had simply admitted it was a flawed idea from the start and the time had come to kill it, they would have made themselves electable outside of TO. I'd bet Bob Speller wishes they had. I'd also bet that I Iggy followed his gut that is exactly what would have happened. Tired old Lib party operatives ar pushing far to the left of his own politics. He would be a far more formidal opponent as a Conservative.

  5. I liked count chocula but I don't like Iggy.

  6. The problem is that Iggy believed all the love and praise that the MSM gave hom over the summer. He was sure that they influence us not realizing that most of us just laugh at the MSM and know they have no credibility.

  7. Iggy has the same phony smile a guy working for me a few years ago would give me every time he handed in his hours . He hid his mouth and couldn't look you in the eyes . He thought I was going to pay him for sleeping on the job for 2 or 3 hours every day .He thought he was entitled to it , for some reason.