Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breaking News: Donolo indeed can walk on water! Just ask Barbara Yaffe.

I read the Vancouver Sun this evening, and had a good laugh reading this op-ed by Barbara Yaffe. I don't think her glowing endorsement of Peter Donolo was intended as a comedy, but it was hilarious! First, what is the selection process at the Vancouver Sun? Does the story break and the editor takes the best on the desk before the paper goes to print, or does the editor task an individual reporter with writing a piece on a specific story? Because the story they printed on the front page of today’s Canada section is priceless.

As the Iceman wrote last night:

"He seems to have a mystical aura among Liberals for his work during the Chretien Dynasty, a Liberal Prime Minister who never defeated a united right."

To call Yaffe's opinion of Donolo exaggerated would be an incredible understatement. But don't take my word for it:

"The Liberal Party made a dramatic move this week"

"Donolo is a 50 year old political wizard. Smart, strategic, and experienced. His communications skills may well be unparalleled in the Canadian Political Realm today.

How superlative is that!? I do find her use of language reaching, such as "may well be unparalleled" not "is unparalleled" or "is effective". That is suggesting that he MIGHT be without equal in the entire country! Wow.

"He will almost certainly make a huge difference to Ignatieff's fortunes as leader."

I think she is starting to hedge her bets on the huge difference he will make. "Almost Certainly" I feel like that should be a title for the next Kate Hudson romantic comedy. She is not saying "he will make a huge difference" or "he will almost make a difference". I suspect it is somewhere in between.

"Liberals cannot be written off. They've got considerable talent on their front benches. MPs such as Ralph Goodale, Bob Rae, Ujjal Dosanjh, and Marc Garneau."

Talent? Okay, let me knock these off one at a time.

1) Ralph Goodale. The man who REALLY gave us Stephan Dion. I watched the convention, it wasn't Kennedy's fault. Let's assume Kennedy had stayed on the ballot for that vote and then went to Dion. Gerard's soldiers followed him en masse, be it before or after a Kennedy ballot. The “King Making” moment was when Ralph led his gang of support from the Rae camp to the Dion camp instead of to Ignatieff. Had Ralph marched to Ignatieff instead of Dion, the Dion embarrassment would have never happened. Besides, the polling out of the prairies suggests that if an election were held today, Ralph would not retain his seat.

2) Bob Rae. I don't know if you lived in Bob Rae's Ontario Barbara, but I did. I can think of a lot of words that I would associate with Bob Rae in politics, and talent is certainly not among them!

3) Ujjal Dosangh. Gee Barbara, great plug for one of the last standing Liberals in BC who won by what, 20 votes last time?

4) Marc Garneau. Way to plug the star candidate with virtually no experience in politics. If I want to fly a space ship my first phone call is to Marc, but how does he constitute political talent?

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  1. Barbara Yaffe is a serious Liberal backer. It was her article that prompted me to cancel my subscription to the Vancouver Sun in Dec 2008. It was the day after Dion, Layton and Duceppe announced their coalition. The blogs caught fire, The TV and Radio were all over it, but how did the Sun cover it? One measly column, which was by Yaffe, enthusiastically endorsing the Coalition of idiots. I scanned the whole paper and found nothing written against the Coalition. I want news, not ideology so I cancelled my subscroption that day.

  2. You can change the saddle, the colours or even change the jockey - but a donkey will never win the Derby.

  3. Those people listed sure aren't Liberals. They are part of the socialist cabal that has usurped the party. It gives me the shivers, to think about where the Liberals might lead us if they ever got power.

  4. Ralph Goodale is range of losing his seat in the next election? Thank God! What a pompus, arrogant windbag full of faux fury and sound signifying absolutely no real content. It would be wonderful to paint Saskatchewan all blue!

  5. Marc Garneau appears to be an engineer with a gold-plated technical education and a massive ego.

    A pilot he is not. If he is flying the space ship, the passengers would be safer if they got out and walked.

  6. Ujjal Dosanjh came very close to losing his seat in the last federal election; at the same time he declared that he would not work with "Harper." In B.C., after Glen Clark's departure as premier, Dosanjh led his (*then* NDP) provincial party to a resounding defeat, winning only 2 of the 79 constituencies.

    The federal Liberals have picked up Bob Rae and Ujjal Dosanjh, both of whom were failed NDP premiers. Barbara Yaffe's lack of objectivity is glaring.

  7. WindAtMyBack...
    Mr. Dosanjh may appear to be out of a seat come next election. I dream that the same outcome will be true for Bobby! Think of it - how often can you fail with MULTIPLE political parties?! Hmmm...