Friday, February 5, 2010

Prorogation, was it all a mistake?

I listen to left wing pundits like Chantal Hebert and Don Martin muse about the cancelling spring break representing an admission by the PMO that proroguing Parliament for the Olympics was a mistake, and I respond with a giggle. They say the Prime Minister is out of touch, playing with the levers of power for self amusement, yada yada yada. The same people who were crying foul a month ago are the same people quick to point to a very intelligent decision as evidence that their original opinion was justified. As I see it he used a common parliamentary procedure to postpone the resumption of Parliament until after we host an International event where millions of eyes from around the world will be watching Canada. Athletes and dignitaries have started arriving and are checking into their rooms. When they turn on the television news, let's be thankful they are not watching live coverage of Question Period.

The opposition parties went bananas over the prorogation, saying that it is imperative that we not lose any sitting days in the commons. So Stephen Harper listened to the opposition and cancelled spring break to ensure that we wouldn't lose any sitting days. Instead of saying, thank you for listening and I am glad that we are no longer bleeding away democracy; the quick response has to be a declaration that the Prime Minister is proving he's out of touch? Doesn't this prove that he listens to the opposition? They were mad, and he offered them a resolution. The correct response is "thank you for listening", not "this proves that you are admitting that you know you don't listen."

I'm just waiting for Chantal to suggest that cancelling spring break constitutes Quebec bashing.

I don't read Don Martin anymore, but I can extrapolate his narrative from his descriptive post titles. I still read the National Post online, but I stopped buying the print edition because I have decided that I want to pay no part of Don Martin's salary.


  1. Martin wrote in his column today that the PM is forcing MPs to give up a spring getaway with their families. How many average Canadian families do you figure are going on a spring getaway this year Donny?

    Keep throwing it at the wall Don, I'm sure something will stick...


  2. That's likely what Don Martin is hearing on the Liberal cocktail circuit.

  3. The PPG write for each other and file their stories from the same bar every night.

  4. Quebec spring break is the first week in March, so I don't know if the spring break coincides rather with the Ontario spring break...

  5. Mixing with the liberals and their media can make Don Martin lose his trail of thoughts. Is he expecting something great from the LPOC for his negative reporting on the Conservatives?
    Tom Clark has 'lost it' he can't think for himself anymore he is controll like a 'puppet on a string' at least he is not alone, ROB FIFE, CBC Taber etc are more or less in the same boat.
    Anybody from the streets can do what Tom Clark and others are doing. Surely it does not take years of school in journalism to desplay such ignorance. Tom and others like him better get out from that environment of 'hate' before it is too late.

    People who value their credentials as journalist
    and or reporters and self worth are the ones to succeed.

  6. The PPG write for each other and file their stories from the same bar every night.

    That's right Anonymous, they compare notes to see who will be cruder or more vile in their written report and when that is done, they meet again at the same bar to switch reports, meaning, yesterday vile story on the prime minister is repeated again by another reporter at the bar on another day. EASY COME EASY GO.