Sunday, February 7, 2010

Go Saints Go!

Today being Super Bowl Sunday, I thought that I might make a prediction. I do follow the NFL closely, and I have a predisposition to sports forecasting. I did my honours thesis on "the Market Value of Human Capital in Professional Sports". Although I will be cheering for New Orleans, I am calling Colts 34 Saints 30. I do not encourage illegal gambling, but if you plan to buy a legal Sports Action/Pro Line ticket to make that Super Bowl party a little more interesting, I would take the Colts to win, but the Saints against the point spread. I wagered $2 on today's game, but tried something new with "prop bets". If Reggie Bush's longest run is farther than 12.5 yards, and he rushes for at least 33.5 yards, if Drew Brees throws for more than 284.5 yards and Pierre Garcon catches over 4.5 passes; I win $14.35.

As a PSA, be cautioned that gambling can be addictive to some people, and if you get hooked on government Sports Action tickets, I guarantee you that you will consistently lose money. The payout rates are considerably lower than what is "actuarially fair” and I only recommend buying a ticket for recreational purposes in those instances where you are going to watch a game live or at a social event. Like the Super Bowl or Grey Cup. I always love telling how my mother went into labour with me at a Grey Cup party. It was at a large gathering to watch a football game that I decided "okay world, here I come!"

I played football throughout high school.  My position was Offensive Lineman, the big guys who smash into each other at the line of scrimmage. 


  1. In the 2nd quarter my $2 props ticket is not looking too good. What I really need is a Reggie Bush run of over 12.5 yards.

  2. Well, you must be happier now.

    I expect to hear some Kanye West jokes tomorrow.

  3. Hmmm, Kanye West jokes, let me think about it.

    I predicted the Saints to score 30 and they scored 31. Peyton on the other hand did not do his part. But it is not Peyton's fault. The Colts D could not stop Drew Brees.