Monday, February 22, 2010

Liberals Declare War on the RCMP

It would appear that the Liberal Party of Canada is continuing its paranoid sharp left turn by escalating their war against our men in uniform. What started as a campaign to accuse our soldiers of war crimes is now being extended to the men and women of the RCMP. Liberal Senators are now demanding a complete overhaul of our "horribly broken" national police force. According to a report released by the once LPC dominated senate national security committee "we believe that because RCMP transformation is so urgently important to Canadians, it would be wrong to delay an examination of what must be done to stimulate the reform process until after Parliament resumes sitting on 3 March, 2010"

Here I was under the impression that our police force is trustworthy and effective and that the only people who believe in its corruption are the very people most likely to break the law. I think Iggy has been listening to too much Ice T. You have to wonder about the wisdom of attacking our cherished institutions and respected men and women in uniform as a political strategy. Do they expect to extract partisan gains at the expense of our police and military? I'm struggling to see the logic in this tactic. Perhaps their fear is that Conservatives are generally accepted to be more trustworthy on law and order and military issues, and that the best way to sour that public opinion is to attempt to erode our nation's trust in the institutions themselves?

Let's be fair, this is not about right and wrong, it is about trying to get back in power.


  1. And what is the lead story on the Soloman Show? You guessed it, with special guest Liberal senator Colin Kenny who formerly chaired the senate national security committee.

  2. That's not unusual, they declare war on canadians, canada for actually taking steps to remove them from governing this country.
    You can actually see the foam forming in their mouths with such 'hate' towards those who betrayed them(liberals).

  3. Offer Gagliano's boy a good reson to chirp and Zaccarelli could explode the Libs. A good reason would be to drop charges or grant immunity.

  4. Iceman - there are fractions within the RCMP itself who are bent pretty far left ... hard to believe but true. This is the group mainly responsible for making mountains out of molehills because they want to achieve their end result any which way. The end result: To unionize the rank and file members of the RCMP.

    If there are constant complaints being flung at the rank-and-file of the RCMP, there will come a time when the best of them will just throw in the towel and say: "Okay, about time we had a union to speak on our behalf and protect our jobs."
    The left is doing all it can to make the RCMP come to that point, with, of course as usual a lot of help from the CBC and other media.

    Will the rank-and-file of the RCMP stay strong or give in and join the dark side ... that is the question.

  5. I agree the RCMP has issues because back when PM Martin's family run CSL business was caught by the RCMP for having 160 lbs of Cocain on a Ship it was the RCMP that failed to lay Charges and claimed that CSL was the victim of Drug smugglers that planted the Cocain to sneak it into canada.
    Just try that excuse at the Niagara Falls border if just 1 joint of pot is found in the car or the Drug sniffing Dogs find the slightest trace of Coke powder.
    The RCMP did not have the power to void the Charter Of Rights for special dispensation from our Laws dealing with posession of drugs or importing Illegal substances.
    The Liberals loves the RCMP when they were in power to pepper spray decenters or strong-arm reporters in Sri Lanka during Martin's Tsunami tour to by Tamil Tiger votes in canada, just check out the website video of Martin in Sri Lanka and watch for the Canadian Flag flying on their soil as a backdrop for Martin promising Aid from canada.

  6. A tax funded network with a tax funded Liberal any chance they asked the RCMP to investigate the 34 million?