Saturday, February 6, 2010

Playing Politics: Ignatieff's Most Dangerous Game

Who exactly is out of touch Mike? For all the assertions I've heard from the left over the past month about the Prime Minister being "out of touch" and "playing politics", I have seen little evidence of the Liberal Party touching anything but themselves. Do you honestly think that Canadians want to re-open the abortion debate, one of the most divisive issues in our country? The government says nothing at all about abortion, and Iggy warns them about "playing ideological games" about abortion? What do you call it when you attempt to stir up a national debate on a dormant divisive issue for no other reason than hoping your opponent takes the opportunity to get upset? As Jane Taber wrote in today's Globe and Mail:
"An Ignatieff official said his boss was simply addressing an issue of public policy.

However, if this reignites the abortion debate, provoking social Conservatives in Stephen Harper’s caucus to react, so be it, the official said.
As crass as it sounds, there is a potential side benefit for the Liberals in stirring this up.

Harper Conservatives know this. The question this time is: Will they take the bait?"
You guys sure have your fingers on the pulse of a nation. You accuse the PM of playing games while yourselves playing the most dangerous kind of political game. What's worse is that you carved out your territory on the issue of subsidizing foreign abortions, which has little support on either side of the debate! This isn't even opportunistic, it is just shameless. This may be your "beer and popcorn" moment. At this point it is very clear that the point of the exercise was to goad a specific group of people into making outlandish statement. Where you guys got caught was that your initial statement was itself outlandish, that we should be subsidizing foreign abortions.

Clearly you are not listening, and you are out of touch Mike! Granted with your 30 years abroad, you missed out on the debate. Don't make the rest of us suffer through it because you weren't here to encourage subsidized foreign abortions 20 years ago.


  1. So who took the bait other than Lib MP Szabo?

  2. Certainly nobody in caucus took the bait. There were more pointed jabs on the internets, but quite reserved considering the passion a topic such as this can ignite. Donollo is really playing with fire.

  3. In the last federal election, I was amazed at the number of Catholic LPC supporters who posted CPC signs on their lawns. This is a very rural area and when you are as involved in politics as I am, you get to know who is what, so I know what I'm talking about! This will not bode well for Iggy.

    Now that Iggy is presenting "policy", I still want him to cost his daycare idea! Another non-starter I'm sure.
    Maybe Iggy would be better off leaving Canada for a Cabinet seat in Obama's administration. I know Canada would be better off!

  4. The Liberals are playing childish games with a serious subject. Too bad they don't spend this much time on presenting real policy alternatives to the Conservatives. The "Thinkers Conference" should be a wonder to behold if this is the best they can offer for party policy. What's next, capital punishment and spanking? What is their vision of the future? They want to refight the political wars of the last century. The country has moved on. Cheers.

  5. The Liberals have already lost the Catholic vote. Liberals spent weeks pushing a fake story with the MSM pushing our PM insulting Catholics at a state funeral. The PM has proven the current government is better friends of Israel than the Liberals by adopting a tougher stance against terrorist groups and countries trying to destroy Israel. Peter Kent win in Thornhill is proof of efforts in building undoing the false stories by the Liberals.
    Jason Kenneys efforts in reaching out the visible minorities, policies that address real needs have won many converts from the community.
    The Liberals in 2000 had those key groups and today they have not returned to the party of props.
    The Liberals are not the party of our parents. They have become a party of prop and publicity stunts.
    The latest salvo reeks of desperation trying to keep the attention of the biased media.

    No costing, no plan, just a party recycling promises from the 90's.

  6. This was a clear example of cowardace on the Liberals, especially certain bloggers.

    Remember wafergate? Some of those idiots got derailed.They claimed back then,some still do,that wafergate was a deep and personal insult to all Catholics in Canada.

    They all remein silent on this stunt.Ignatieff didn't just imply but stated outright that abortions(he was too ashamed to use the word directly) must be provided at all world relief programs.He also suggested that abortion was merely by definition just another contraceptive.Quite ignorant actually.

    This is not going to go away.

  7. The best way to make the Libs pay for this, is to get third parties, to respond. So far, the Archbishop of Toronto, and the Bishop of Calgary have taken a piece out of Iggy.

    But that's not enough, we need more high profile Catholics, and other third party advocates. One of the advantages the Libs have, is that they can trot out third party stooges for just about any Lib "cause". And of course the media is only too eager to help the Libs out.

    Flanagan threw out the possibility that Iggy is advocating some kind of eugenics program for third world countries. Now if THAT narrative gains traction, Iggy is going to have his whole arm burned off, never mind his fingers.

    Calgary Junkie

  8. Years of nonsense has reaped its reward: no one cares. This is leading to more and more extreme positions to try and "get a rise" out of folks.

    I look forward to an election. Jack Layton and Stephen Harper should both do well out of it.

  9. What next does Ignatieff have in mind: The release of every criminal?

    When you think about it. Do we actually want the OPPOSITION parties ever to govern this country. Not a chance in hell

  10. For all his university education from some of the foremost institutions in the world, why is it Iggy can't tell the difference between contraception and abortion.

    Perhaps the most surprising thing about Iggy's liberal policy isn't the subject matter, but that its not even an attempt to find that cherished middle ground.
    If I wasn't mistaken, it appears that Iggy is doing what he can to attract the far left, like his inner circle has discovered the leftwing is abandoning the party or something.