Monday, February 8, 2010

CBC Tea Partying in a Banana Republic

It was nice to see the CBC website blooming in its full splendor today. First I saw a pleasant column by Heather Mallick which describes why Canada can now officially be labeled a "banana republic" and then I went on to see Kady O'Malley describe the Canadians Against Prorogation (CAPP) as being a Canadian based "tea party movement", again asserting that it is a non partisan, grassroots movement. I believe you Kady, CAPP surely must be a non partisan movement of people who are just pissed off that the government used a standard parliamentary tool used over a hundred times before (including flagrant frequent use by Trudeau, Chretien, and Bob Rae). These people must be furious at Rae and Chretien, proving that they are more than just anti-government loons looking for any excuse to gather in front of television cameras.

I am curious how much the CBC pays Heather Mallick per column, or if she just volunteers her opinion on Canada being a banana republic out of a sincere benevolence? Kady is full time staff and thus I am assuming is not paid per post. Her job is to keep CAPP in the news cycle by breaking news that isn't news. But to be fair, at least she is beating a dead horse instead of lobbying for federal funding of foreign abortions. The "news" she was breaking; public statements by the CAPP organizers that they intend to keep protesting even after this fades from the "mainstream" (if it indeed ever was mainstream). For that level of Pulitzer caliber journalism, Kady deserves a gold star!

For those of you interested, the CBC still has not responded to my request for more detailed rating and revenue information. Perhaps my mistake was asking them directly? I just thought that with warrior princesses like Kady O'Malley on the network demanding greater transparency of government institutions that those same standards would be applied to themselves. Maybe I should be asking CTV where I can find more detailed information on CBC ratings and revenue?

**yes, sarcasm was used frequently in the writing of this post**


  1. To understand Mallick and the CBC one only has to read up Marxist theory.

    To compare the Tea Party movement in the U.S. to the prorogation bed wetters in Canada requires a stretch of a metaphor to its elastic limits. The Tea Party members want the government out of their lives; the anti-prorogation crowd is in a loser's sweat because they think the world will come to an end without the government being there to tell them what to do and what to think.

  2. The difference is that ass hats are always protesting something. Most don't work so they have nothing better to do. The tea party goers on the other hand are mostly fed up working people.
    They are busy and don't have a lot of spare time.

  3. I'm glad to see that you didn't post any links to those two. If people are interested in what they are saying, let them go there on their own. Let them yap, they are shouting into the vacuum that is the CBC.

    I come here to find out what they are up to, it saves my nerves. Now if we could get a group together and designate each blogger a newspaper or TV station to monitor, only a few of us would have to go to the actual MSM sites, therefore reducing their hits and driving advertisers away.

  4. I like your idea Hunter. I just don't know how much more of the Soloman Show I can take. I have shifted strategies though, I am going to CTV for assistance finding more information about the CBC. The CBC does not like to share.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend, so they say. CTV webpolls get thousands of votes. Soloman gets less than 200. His voter turnout numbers are comparable to my own. I could easily skew his webpolls if I decided to point traffic his way.

    I have never directly linked Soloman, Mallick, or O'Malley. I intend to keep it that way.

  5. I watched O'Malley when there was a discussion on Climategate and when she was challenged on what she had said or more properly had not said, which for all intents and purposes indicated that she had no clue on Climategate or any of the information out there, she just sat stunned. I thought she was going to say "What's with this expecting me to know what I'm talking about?" "You've never done this to me before!" Walking vacuum!!

  6. Do you ever get the feeling that O'Malley and Mallick are just the same person in different bodies?

    We can call them Hedy O'Mallick?

  7. You should read what Mallick served up Chatelaines!

  8. I caught a snippet of Power Play while changing channels and the host, Tonda McCharles, asked Bob Fife if the murder charges against the CFB commander would turn out to be a political story. Bob Fife said Iggy had already been asked for comment and refused but Fife felt that it might still become political.
    Where the hell do they get these people?

  9. That would be PM Fife to you people. Apparently he is miffed because he was not selected to the Senate. Tough luck Bob.
    As for Heather Kady and Soloman - Left wingers with diarrhea of the mouth and lack of grey matter.

  10. Bob Fife was told to 'shut up' by BOB RAE which he accepted with a smile. Fife and others like him, are petrified of their own LPOC; even KADY O MALLEY HEATHER MALLICK, MANSBRIDGE and etc are afraid of the LIBS.
    CBC, CTV are walking robots programmed solely to protect the LPOC and coalition.which they do very well. 'I, Tom Clark,Rob Fife, Taber,,,,, see nothing; hear nothing; know nothing; feel nothing about the LPOC corruption."
    That's how sad they want to be.
    Mallick will do very well being Hugo Chavez's personal secretary.

  11. If Kady says the fb group is Canada's tea party, let her prove it. Have a convention and charge 585.00 for the event, or 385.00 to hear speech by the so called leader of same. (Kady). Does she equate herself to Sarah. I think a phone booth would handle the crowd.
    I think it would be great if anyone referring to the Evan/Clark shows use my name for them.
    CBC-Evans Prepared Propaganda, and Clark's Planned Propaganda.
    The question I have re not running candidates in some ridings, are these parties prepared to give up their 1.95/vote, and if so, doesn't that tell us that the govt could scrap it altogether. Or, have said parties made a secret agreement to share the money based on past elections.
    Mary T