Saturday, February 13, 2010

Canada Pension Plan

To all those nervous pensioners in Canada concerned about the ability of the CPP to make those deposits in your bank account, you will be pleased to know that CPP holdings increased by $123.8 billion in the fourth quarter from the 2nd quarter of 2009. Will the government get any credit for this massive increase in CPP assets? It was barely mentioned on CBC Newsworld Thursday, as they were too busy reporting on a dead fashion designer to discuss our booming pension plan!

But I suppose that's par for the course. The CBC prefers to downplay all the great news about our economic recovery while hyper-analyzing the Liberal controversy du jour with a fine tooth comb. Do most Canadians even realize how good we are doing relative to the rest of the industrialized world? Judging by what our broadcasters pass off as news, I am going to guess not so much. Maybe bad news sells better than good news? If there is a state of catastrophe, people's survival mechanism kicks in and they pay closer attention. Good news is no cause for alarm.


  1. Oh it would be good news alright - shouted from the rooftop- if the Liberals were in power.

    The MSM is acting as the propaganda arm of the Liberals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And we have to pay for it.

    Bury it.

  2. One of the networks...I believe it was CTV...mentioned that there were 25,000 demonstrators waiting outside BC Place. 25,000?
    A slip of the tongue perhaps, or just wishful thinking on their part?
    They never did correct it.

  3. Good catch Iceman. And thanks for you pictures showing not thousands or even hundreds of protestors. Hey all you courageous anti-capitalists, take your protests to China and Saudi Arabia. We're busy generating a profit like the CPP so that we can give some of it away.

  4. Canadians do not know how good we are doing...according to the latest polls the Conservatives are going downhill fast and Canada will likely have a return to the Liberal "good times" in the near future. It looks like Iggy and Jack may just get their chance to rule, thanks largely to the media's assistance.

  5. Peter, I'm not worried. Those EKOS polls are biased, as Iceman' analysis has shown. The Nanos poll has us at 35%. I'll bet thats much closer to where are real support level is, than the 31% being shown by EKOS.

    Also, good governance tends to get rewarded. The Conservatives have governed competently. If the Throne Speech and Budget lay out an agenda for 2010 that draws wide support, the government won't be brought down anytime soon.

    Without a majority in the Senate to stall bills, the Liberals will have to put up or shut up. Either vote down the measures you don't like, or swallow it and vote with the government.