Monday, February 8, 2010

Tory Young Guns

I would like to ask the question, which Tory Cabinet Minister aged 42 or younger do you think is the greatest asset to the party? My general rule is that candidates should be at least 50 years old before leading a country, but your 30s and 40s are an excellent time to accumulate legislative experience in preparation for a future run at the country's highest office. I am very happy with my current Prime Minister and am not lobbying for a replacement; I'd just like to take a moment to pay tribute to the young guns in cabinet who are building their political careers the right way in elected office advancing the legislative agenda.


Jason Kenney
James Moore
John Baird
Rob Moore
Rona Ambrose
Christian Paradis
Helena Guergis


  1. James Moore gets out to an early lead. BC accounts for most of my late night traffic because of the time difference.

    I also voted for James Moore, but I am also a Jason Kenney fan. In fact originally I was going to do "top tories under 40", but pushed it to 42 to include Kenney and Baird.

  2. Iceman: James Moore gets my vote. It is great to see him finally moved up to full cabinet position. He has worked hard to get there and continues to work hard as a minister.

    Also, he's the only MP who has taken time to txt me from the floor of the House of Commons via his Blackberry - how cool is that?

  3. I'm just thankful to have Kenney and Moore working in our legislature to build on their future political careers instead of quitting their jobs to embark on a book deal and speaker's tour.

  4. I like Baird's Pit Bull roles in QP over EAP. I enjoy reading about the efforts in reaching out and communicating the policies of the government in the ethnic communities.
    Moore, Del Mastro, Guergis have appear to be capable of providing the smackdown to the opposition MP's who are playing games in QP.

  5. Hey Iceman,what about Pierre Polievrre? I love how he gets under the skin of opposition mp's.

  6. I think Pierre is a very apt politician and I am a fan. But I decided to go with cabinet ministers. Press secretary doesn't count as cabinet, or does it?

  7. I voted for James Moore, who was once my MP — superb as a local Member with his electorate in mind, and superb in his Ministerial roles.

    It's hard not to vote for Kenney, but, like our FPTP ballot, we were asked to "choose just one".

    The pit bulls turn me off completely. I want competence and decent argument, not endless shouting.

  8. I noticed that in the poll, John Baird and "Canada is a banana republic" received a disproportionate number of votes in a short period of time. Sure enough I had multiple repeat visits from a single user at the University of Toronto. Is J.B popular at U of T?

  9. This is how i voted-
    Jason Kenney
    Banana republic-no
    election in 2010-no
    Atheletes,foreign dignitaries from other countries watching question period-None of their business,since they dont vote here do they?.If they wish they can pay for it online.Last time i looked i wasnt being dragged away for being critical of govt,being native,or religious and i have freedom of movement with no criminal record.