Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prentice V Charest

Evan Soloman could hardly contain his enthusiasm yesterday when discussing an exchange of words between Environment Minister Jim Prentice and Quebec Premier Jean Charest over new Quebec vehicle emission standards. The new benchmark exceeds anything else in North America and thus 75% of new car models do not meet the standards meaning that Quebecers would have to pay a fine of up to $5000 unless they buy out of Province. I'm thinking, do the people of Quebec really want this, or has Charest built a bridge too far? He's a lot like Gordon Campbell, two supposedly right of center Premiers who just got too roped up in the climate change illusion. Let's see how your plan works out Jean. Talk to me in a year.

One of E-Solo's greatest weaknesses is that when he gets really excited, he cannot contain his enthusiasm and he begins to have trouble speaking. It is quite amateur, but good enough for the Gemini awards. He barely made it through his immediate reaction. E-Solo really messed this one up, because after he showed the clips of Prentice saying that Quebecers would have to drive out of province to buy 75% of cars without paying a penalty; Evan described it as "a massive shot at Quebec" with a giant smile on his face. That is Pulitzer caliber "journalism" right there. Evan even suggested that climate change could be the wedge issue that splinters the country. Thanks, I know where you stand E-Solo, but I will allow Canadians to decide for themselves.

That it bothers me to have Soloman employed by my public broadcaster is the only reason that I keep watching. I need to delve into what a fraud the Gemini Awards have become. If Soloman won, who else was nominated!? Granted, I am still waiting for the CBC to reply to my request for ratings information. Evidently you can demand greater transparency of government institutions, except when it is your institution. I am talking to you Kady.

For the record, I watched Dragon's Den tonight for the first time and loved it. I'll write about that later. The Blogging Tories are on a "cap and post" system, therefore I need to prorogue posts often to abide by the food stamp system.


  1. We need to have a full debate about global warming before Charest and McGuinty get too carried away.

  2. McGuinty is already carried away. Compare the price of solar and wind power for Ontario to the cost of electricity he could have bought from Quebec. And this when the economy is in the toilet in Ontario and there is capacity for transporting electricity from alternative sources (the alternative sources are getting this capacity cheap). When the economy ever recovers new capacity will have to be built for normal sources of electricity. Not to mention as far as I can tell, unlike Quebec, there was not a competitive objective bid process for solar and wind power sources.