Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jason Kenney

With Jason Kenney out to a giant lead in my "Top Tory 42 and under" poll, I would like to take a moment to say how much respect I have for the man and how thankful I am to have an agile intellect like him on my team. His ability to debate any politician on any issue is uncanny, and his ability to recall information and present a sound argument unscripted is virtually unmatched in the political sphere. While I voted for James Moore, it was very difficult not to vote for Kenney. James is very comparable in terms of intellectual acumen, but is 8 years younger. As the youngest Minister in Cabinet, James Moore does deserve credit for his "Doogie Howser" type status.

With regards to John Baird, the pitbull status may be off putting to some, but you need people like him in any political party. He knows how to play the game, and has gained much notoriety for his sharp elbows in Question Period. As a seasoned veteran of Mike Harris Common Sense Revolution, John is the type of MP you want in charge of a Government Ministry presiding over a large swath of public sector union membership. The public unions gorge themselves on our tax dollars, and as Dalton is now proving when it comes to negotiating with CUPE, nice guys finish last.

I'd approve of another 10 years of Stephen Harper leadership, but Jason Kenney may just be the ideal heir apparant.  Though if I find myself at a Tory leadership convention in 2020, I will likely be standing in the Moore camp.


  1. Isn't Maxime Bernier under 42?

  2. Maxime Bernier is not a Cabinet Minister, otherwise he'd be included.

  3. Ah, right. Forgot you were only including cabinet ministers.

    I don't know what camp I'll be in. I like many of the current cabinet ministers, and think most of them would be excellent candidates to lead the CPC, and potentially the country.

  4. Kenney needs a sexy girlfriend or wife, preferably not a flake like Brenda Stronach or Maxime Bernier's biker chick. Peter Mackay has found someone, so come on Jason! I know philosophy books are interesting, but they don't keep you warm at night.