Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who will Iggy be cheering for in Vancouver? Russia or Canada?

Be warned Canada, a Red Army of Russian athletes are descending on Vancouver as we speak with the malicious intention of owning our podium. Who will Ignatieff be cheering for? Well he did once write: “Between my two pasts, the Canadian and the Russian, I felt I had to choose,”  “I chose the vanished past, the past lost behind the revolution. I could count on my mother’s inheritance: it was always there. It was my father’s past that mattered to me, because it was the one I had to recover, to make my own.”

This Russian invasion includes a hockey team loaded with a frightening assemblance of offensive power, not unlike Ivan Drago's "coming to America." I would like to send a cheer of encouragement to our Canadian athletes preparing to compete against the invading Sputniks, and reiterate my desire to see us own our podium. With the Olympic Games drawing closer by the day, I would like to renew my rivalry with mother Russia, to share the joy I felt watching Lemieux and Gretzky win the Super Series once upon a time. I recall the state of jubilation that overcame me when Rocky Balboa knocked out Ivan Drago, against all odds. The Ukraine and Georgia can represent Apollo Creed.

**For the record, the contents of this post are not to be taken too seriously.  It is what I like to call, "sincere sarcasm"**


  1. Canada , under Ignatieff, would ice a Russo-Canadian team in order to beat the decadent U.S.

    I'd love to see Ovechkin and Crosby working together.

    Ignatieff, like me, cheers for the underdog, he's just that kind of guy!

    Go Latvia!



  2. Isn't the humiliating loss by the comrades in the '72 series why Iggy left Canada in the first place.


    "There are cheers now for Rocky Balboa! Suddenly Moscow is pro-Rocky!"

  4. Since Iggy also implied he was an America, it's hard to tell which country he will cheer for....


    Is the UN fielding a team?

  5. Who cares. I just want to watch the hay bale moguls! Should be exciting. NOT!