Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ignatieff Goes Home

It would appear that quickly after Tory bloggers started commenting on Ignatieff gallivanting around Vancouver (after extensive bloviating on the need of MPs to be in Ottawa); he packed his bags and went home. I had to ask him on Twitter "Sorry Mike, when you say you've arrived at home, do you mean Ottawa or Boston? I can never tell." Sure enough as soon as he is back "home" Kady O'Malley is live blogging from the foyer of the Commons "mittens off, back to work!" Convenient. The difference between this and ghosts of PR stunts past, is that nobody is paying attention (except O'Malley) because the rest of the country is watching the Olympics.

The Opening Ceremonies was the most watched television event in the history of our country, but nothing from Kady. She spends most of her free time tweeting about episodes of Lost, and would appear to habour some deep scorn for the Olympics. Granted the theme of reporting negative stories about the Games may be a directive passed down the Corporation's chain of command from the high and mighty CBC Board of Directors. Like Goering before her, Kady may just be following orders.

Though this much is clear, perhaps you should have stayed in Vancouver Mike? That's where the country's attention is focused. I know you were spooked about the hypocrisy of being in Vancouver when you said MPs should be in Ottawa, but the handler who told you to attend the Olympics was on to something. Nobody is watching your little foyer PR stunts (not even CBC Newsworld), with the noted exception of Kady O'Malley who would "live blog" paint drying at the Ignatieff house if she were invited.


  1. Oh the hypocrisy, the humanity, the drama.
    The puppet master - Donolo decides Ignatieff should return home since he is attracting attention of citizens who realize he said he should be hard at work in the HOC. How many bills have been passed? Zero! No one in Vancouver recognized him except maybe Rob the dopey snowboarder, who has/will become more embarrassing as time goes on. The liberal party has "blessed" another Garth Turner in the fold. Looks good on them - where do they get them?

  2. Oh my gosh did they have a ticker tape parade for Mr Ignatieff? We is saved the anointed one is back in Ottawa! Wow who would have thunk that we would have not one but TWO Liberal candidates in the next election who have been out there, somewhere for the last 30 years. Ross and Iggy, party on dudes.
    cheers Bubba

  3. If my memory serves me right, wasn't the Liberals looking for places to stay in Vancouver ( must of placed the Dopey Snowboarder in charge of accommodations ) and were asking people to supply accommodations for them. Could be Iggy was staying at one of these places and they kicked him out after they found out what a boar he is. Or he forgot his Puffins and he had to rush home to feed them.

  4. Kady O'Malley is yet another symptom of the CBC not fulfilling it's proper mandate of reporting the news.
    It pisses me off that she is allowed to function as Liberal party apparatchik on the government dime.
    This is why I'd like to see cable channels unbundled and left to sink or swim on how many eyeballs they actually catch.

    But then she'd end up back at Macleans fighting for bandwidth with that little twerp Aaron Wherry.

    When Wherry was beating the Colvin thing to death someone else at Macleans finally addressed the climategate issue.
    The comment traffic was at least fifty times greater on the climategate article.

    And yet Wherry kept beating the dead horse thinking he'd found his Watergate.

    The most interesting thing at Macleans these days is the TV blog.

  5. I think Iggy left Vancouver because he was afraid somebody might ask him another question about hockey.

  6. I thought home for Ignatiaff was Russia.

  7. Donolo and Iffy can't stomach the thought of Canadians being happy. Vancouver is too cheery and way too many smiles for the Liberals to fit in. Why do you think the Liberals have been reduced to 7/92 seats? The West in not into Mr. IgNegative.

  8. CanadianSense hit the nail on the head. Both Iggy and the CBC are 24-7 Negative. For reasons that elude me, they positively ooze negativity. Maybe it's some elitist "I suffer, therefore I am" thing.

    In Bubbaville, it just plain sucks.