Friday, February 12, 2010


I was unaware that "CANADA IS ILLEGAL", but hey I guess you learn something new every day from commercially produced protest signs. After listening to reports on the radio that once again "thousands of protestors" were blocking traffic in downtown in preparation for the Opening Ceremonies, I decided to go to the Art Gallery to check it out for myself. When I got off the bus, I saw thousands of people, the large majority of them dressed up in Canada gear laughing at maybe 200 clowns. The clowns were jammed up against the front steps of the Art Gallery, surrounded by sports fans and patriots who were cheering for Canada.

There was one chick screaming like a banshee into a megaphone, but despite getting maybe 15 yards away I could not make out a single word she was saying.  Most of the people around me were laughing at the idiocy of the slogans, like "END CORPORATE RULE!" or "BUILD ME A FREE HOUSE!" or "STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH BOTTLED WATER!" or "DON'T MAKE ME GET A JOB!"  At one point I thought I even saw a gathering of the International Union of Ninjas run by dressed all in black with their faces covered.  Some other goofs decided to dress up as trees and dance around on little stages with glazed over faces like they had dropped one too many hits of acid.  There were so few actual protestors that I decided to take a walk down to Victory Square where the Prorogie Day protests eventually ended up.  I had heard reports of more protestors at that location.


I walked up to BC Place, and while the anti-globalization protestors were few and far between, there were some Jesus Saves signs.  Again the overwhelming majority of the people downtown this evening were fans of Canada, fans of the Olympics, who were there to either attend the Opening Ceremonies or just to enjoy the ambiance.  When I got home, CBC was focusing largely on the protests, with reported numbers of protestors ranging from a few hundred to several thousand.  But again, everywhere you looked there were excited faces and Canadian shirts and jerseys.


At the end of the day what I learned is that the media is unable to distinguish between people who are actually protesting and normal pedestrians slowing down to stare at the car wreck. People watching the protestors with condescending laughter were confused for protestors. Streets that were planned to be blocked months in advance for the 40,000 or so planning to be in attendance at the Opening Ceremonies were confused with blockages for protestors. The reports in the media certainly did not match the reality on the ground, but I was hardly upset. Infact I couldn't stop laughing.


  1. I watched as a young school child cried with a tear in her eye because she was prevented to see the Olympic flame because of a few protesters.
    Sick bunch of jerks!

  2. CTV just said that there are 25,000 protestors outside the stadium. That is complete bullshit! There are a couple of hundred protestors max and thousands of Canada fans.

  3. Somebody in the Canadian media needs to learn how to tell the difference between protestors and pedestrian traffic. Not to mention that there were protestors protesting the anti-globalization protestors. The Olympic fans were far greater in number, but they all got counted together and lumped into the anti-Olympic demographic by the dopes at CBC and CTV.

  4. I just e-mailed CTV I was so P'd off!
    In the wrap up with Tommy and during a synopsis of the final flame lighters, they referred to Nancy Greene as a "former skier"
    A "former skier", give me a friggin' break! I am outraged at that unbelievable disrespect of an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST!

    Add CTV to your lists of books, Iceman. They have become as bad if not worse than CBC.

    Believe it or not, NBC showed more respect to this country than our own bloody network!

    Rant over, thanks!

  5. I hear ya Bec, but my beef with the CBC is that they are 3/4 funded by parliamentary grants. That's the only reason I monitor them. If CTV does not take tax dollars, I really don't care because I don't have to watch. They make me pay for the CBC. Kady O'Malley gets paid in tax dollars.

    I agree Conservative Senator Nancy Greene is awesome. I attended a townhall with her, Gary Lunn, and my MP John Weston a few weeks ago. Nancy stole the show, hands down.

  6. Heheh Wish I could have been there. I want to be one of the thousands who were laughing at the collection of dumbasses.

    History is written by the guy who owns the pen.

  7. iceman johnweston is my mp to I live on the sunshine coast. I don't watch canadian news stopped watchingit like 6 yrs ago. I watched tsn. and NBC and for news I watch Fox. cause i here more on canadian national news from them then I do from ctv and CBC.

  8. I give Kudos to the producers of CBC/CTV who write the "copy" of thousands protesting anything. Either they know they a lying and don't care, or because of their IPCC morality scale honesty is not the guiding principle. They feel a moral imperitive to inflate the numbers of people who support social justice for "X" cause.

    The days of large protests for "x" are over.
    We don't have National strike days or cities being shut down for the days as thousands descend to protest their socialist funded tax policy.
    The Canadian Media envy the US and Europe who are still able to draw 1,000+ to protest.

    We have a small group of dedicated anti-reality part-time adults that are effective in manipulating the media for coverage.

    What are the actual numbers of these Canadians Protests? 50 angry people in most places. In larger cities 75-150 people. If media driven and helped with NDP and Unions 200-750. (Pathetic)

    It is over. Canadians are not participating at protesting on fake issues.

  9. you have to watch canadian news otherwise you don't know what kind of bs they are trying to push.

  10. There are grants for most every journalistic entity in Canada Iceman, they all take a chunk out of us.