Tuesday, February 16, 2010

British Olympic Envy

Do you think it is a coincidence that virtually every British media entity operating in Vancouver right now joined together to insult our Olympic Games in virtual harmony? Did they meet at a pub somewhere to discuss their collective crapping on Canada's Games? I'm sure it is no coincidence that the Brits have yet to win a medal (to our 5), they are the next host country, and our former colonial overlords. There are words for that in the English language, envy mixed with pride. Instead of talking about the lack of British success, they are talking about Canada being the worst Olympics ever?

Meanwhile they ignore the story about how Canadians and other spectators are loving the Vancouver experience. They ignore how welcoming we have been to our foreign guests, and how Canadians have embraced the Olympic spirit. Instead, they focus on the bad weather. Perhaps Cypress was not the best venue selection, but the venue has yielded 2 golds and 2 silver medals for Canada through 4 days of competition. How bad can it be? I feel bad for the people who had their tickets reneged because of melting, but we exert no power over Mother Nature. In fact, you could say that the people at Cypress have done a magnificent job considering the obstacles that Mother Nature has thrown at them.

So to the British media I say grow up. I know that you are trying to lower expectation for the 2012 London Games and cover for the Brits poor performance out of the gate in Van City. I understand that you feel contempt for your former colony outperforming the best that limey athletics have to offer. Maybe you want to wait until after day 5 to proclaim these Games a failure? And be prepared, because if you want to crap on us, we will be watching your Olympics in two years with eager anticipation...


  1. Does it have anything to do with Copenhagen? It really seems bizarre so there must be an underlying reason for the pile on.

    If it was just BBC then we would all know what was going on but this just doesn't fit the reality.

    Envy makes sense except they are hosting next. An unreceptive public will not accomplish a bloody thing over there.
    I don't get it but I have concluded that the media have lost it, they've all gone loco!

  2. It was just wierd how all the stories broke on the same day.

  3. They're just belligerent and bitter 'cause they lost the Global Warming games.

  4. I accidentally flipped on the CBC news this morning. I was left nonplussed at their attack on the games and their negativity. It was unbelievable how they were talking down the city, the organizers and events with glee.
    I was hoping that the only upside to this is that it will be the last straw for all of the fringe few that watch their garbage, so that the sink hole of money and anti Conservative rancour, can be shut down completely.

  5. I am not surprise what the English press(not all of them) say negative about our country; it is done regularly by the canadian national media.
    If the media here show no respect for this nation nor for the prime minister nor for the troops; do you expect other countries to think differently.
    The canadian national media have no pride, no love no respect for CANADA, they made that very clear when they keep attacking our nation abroad by attacking the prime minister.
    They are so consume with hate for the PM that they can't see that they, nobody else but they themselves are destroying the country they live in.
    The public don't know what actually is going on so they turn to the television for input but instead they are encountered by media that will lie to them. that is how the media gets it kicks; watching an innocent canadian hopes for 'good news' , turn to despair.

  6. Well I think its all those things: Envy (the bitter mix of pride and want), Copenhagen, and just trying to be cool.

    Liberals I've noticed want to be be cool more than anything. Being cool involves not liking anything unless nobody else like it. Wait for their own opening ceremony. They will try to be cool and suck. They will try to be French, when lions drums and trumpets are what they should focus on. They won't ask "what made Britain great?" They will prove Britain is no longer great and roll in it.

  7. This is just the British media being their normal bitchy selves. Obviously the poor dears are upset that there are no British winter athletes with a chance of medalling.

  8. Heather Mallick says that the Vancouver Olympics have made her cry.

    My response: what's the problem?