Friday, February 5, 2010

Lucky Jack

I would like to take a moment to wish Jack Layton good luck in his pending battle with prostate cancer. It was hard not to feel empathy for the man as he made the announcement today. Rarely do you see a person so cheerful and happy when announcing a potentially fatal illness, though I admit that I was a little bit surprised that he is going to stay on as leader of the NDP. I respect his bravery; I am just concerned about his ability to fulfill his duties from the Mayo Clinic.

While I did feel sympathy for the man today, I remain steadfast in my opposition to his policies. What is kind of freaky is that Jack made this announcement on the same day that my doctor scheduled me to undergo a battery of tests for a strange pain in my abdomen. I'll keep my fingers crossed. But I will say this, if I am diagnosed with cancer, I will not be happy and excited at my press conference...


  1. Sometimes people react differently upon receiving such news. Maybe, for him like some people laughter helps to some degree especially when in public, yet when they are in their quiet moments tears appear.
    I pray for Jack's speedy recovery.

    I pray also that your tests are not serious, Iceman

  2. Best wishes to you Ice Man.

    -Alberta Bob-

  3. I pray your tests will all be negative, and also wish Jack well.
    Do you think he will support an early election.

  4. Thank you. They tested me for pretty much everything. I had to give up about a liter of blood (okay that is an exaggeration). It is mildly unsettling when you visit your doctor about pain, he asks you questions to take an inventory of symptoms; and when you go home and Google the symptoms you have that he dwelled on you get cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer. You get a little nervous. I had that going through my mind as I watched Layton live on TV, almost jovial about his cancer and I was agitated. Though if I have cancer specifically where I have pain, I'm in a lot bigger trouble than Jack.

    Can you even diagnose cancer from a blood and urine test? Or do they test you for everything to eliminate all the other possibilities before they put under the isotope? Oh God, how is our isotope situation? Let's fire up those MAPLE reactors for a while. At this point I'm willing to risk a meltdown... :)

  5. God be with you Iceman. I will remember you in my prayers along with Jack Layton. I pray that God will put his healing hand upon you and make you well again.
    Keep us updated on your condition. Stay positive.

  6. Hopefully I just have polio. I think they even tested me for that today. I won't get the results until next week.

    Shit happens.

  7. Iceman, I trust that your test results indicate no serious problems! Take care and try to think positive.

  8. Just as someone who is dealing with those emotions right now, I can't understand why he was so happy. They keep repeating the interview. He has one smile for the camera, then when he looks down at his notes, there is an extra big smile. I was at the lab today and the nurse tried making some jokes, but no matter what your sense of humour there are times when you just can't be happy about something that bad.

    He has known about this for over a month. Maybe it is "any port in the storm", but I get the feeling that he is now convinced that this will be a political asset. Maybe it is good to find positives in negatives; I just know that I was on my way to a lab for a bunch of tests when I watched his press conference live, and I was totally creeped out.

  9. I'll predicate my statement by saying I wish the man well and hopes he and his family defeats this horrible obsticle in his life. He faces all his challanges head on and this im sure will be no different. Having said is my hope that he finds treatment south of the border as so many sick people do these days. The American back lash on this would be incredible. Why are so many Canadian politicians seeking treatment in the U.S if the canadian system is so perfect?? It would do so much to justify killing the current health bill that is tearing up the country.