Thursday, February 4, 2010

Which NDP Policy Plank will Iggy walk next?

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I decided to take one for the team and read through all of the NDP's policy platform. Since Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff has decided to unveil very "NDP friendly" policy announcements (predictably devoid of real policy), I read the NDP policy platform to look for an indication of what Ignatieff might say next. To be fair to the NDP, they outline exactly what they would like to do online. Agree or disagree with the policies, they put it all out there. The Liberals say "we will tell you after you elect us." I'm sure the NDP have some juicy ideas in their back pockets that didn't test well with focus groups; which will lurk in the shadow for a bright sunshiny day. By the time I was finished reading, there was simply too much to choose from. Here are my top 15, in no particular order. I can't make this stuff up!

*Halt any new tar sands development until carbon emissions are capped

*Help alleviate gouging at the gas pumps through monitoring and regulating fuel prices at the pumps.

*Give the Environment Minister the authority to designate "significant areas" such as more heavily-polluting areas or more sensitive areas for specialized information-gathering and targeted action.

*A long-term target to reduce Canadian greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.

*End the use and circulation of the Canadian penny

*Provide authority for the government to make regulations in order to meet the targets and set penalties for those who contravene regulations passed under the Act.

*Reduce accidents and railroad derailments. We will establish and better enforce high standards of public safety

*Implement Jack Layton's $3 billion Green-Collar Jobs Plan, including a fund for training.

*Bring in mandatory vehicle emission standards for all vehicles sold in Canada

*We will end price gouging and "net throttling", preventing a two-tiered internet.

*Expand employment in our communities, build new markets for Canadian suppliers, strengthen sustainability commitments, and encourage Canadian entrepreneurship by adopting a Made-in-Canada procurement policy for the federal government and its agencies.

*Introduce a Poverty Elimination Act to eliminate poverty in Canada by the year 2020: The act will establish a poverty elimination office housed within HRDC to assume overall responsibility for implementing our poverty-reduction strategy and developing concrete poverty indicators.

*Appoint a Job Protection Commissioner to investigate major layoffs and shutdowns

*Reduce pollution through an Early Adopters Program that encourages the purchase of commercial electric hybrid vehicles.

*Introduce and maintain balanced budgets each and every year of a mandate.


  1. my god . if we followed the ndp we would be bankrupt and really freezing in the dark as well as starving. these people a real aholes. liberal socialists are not much better.

  2. My favourite is "Job Protection Commissioner". So how will the conversation go when this " Comis" interviews evil employers. "You may have no market for your product and no cash to run the business but I insist that you ignore these facts and continue on." Its Soviet style state planning or perhaps Mao's 5 year planning guide for commerce. Silly me, I thought Elvis was dead and buried - apparently not, he is now part of the NDP playbook on how to organize an economy. Cheers.

  3. Argh just hit close tab instead of submit!

    Liberals don't have any policy. They just flip a coin and suggest feel good things.

    "Social justice" Czar

    They would host parties, attend meetings in fancy locations and invite those disadvantaged specials interest groups who have lost their tax funding. Champagne Tour Redux.

  4. The NDP economic philosophy.

    "People pretend to work and the governmnet will pretend to pay you"

  5. Get the government into controlling the internet. That sounds like disaster in the making.

  6. I like the penny idea, then my thoughts would be worth more

  7. Was there anything in the Dipper policy website that 'abortion is just another form of contraception'?

    That is the stand Iffy and his mouthpieces are taking.

    Iffy said:
    "We want to make sure that women have access to all the contraceptive methods available to control their fertility because we don't want to have women dying because of botched procedures, we don't want to have women dying in misery...''

  8. The liberals have lost everything the moment they sign the 'coalition agreement, they liberals, now are partners with communist and marxism.
    Layton knows that the liberals are in a 'deep hole' and can use them to suit his agenda. However, the canadian public will never know that although the liberals will be the main speaker, behind them the ndp will issue ideas for the liberals to reveal. canadians will think that it is the liberal idea when in fact it is the ndper's.
    The NDP like most of us know that the national media has been in bed with liberals for over thirty years and know that the media take great pains to conceal the liberals wrongdoings by keeping it as low as possible (secret) and now pal layton who is in bed with the medias' pals the liberals hey, what do you expect to hear nothing but kind words about the ndp.
    Here is the thing about the media, they like the liberals are now in the hands of the NDP to do with for their(ndp) personal agenda. And if the media dare make the mistake to insult the NDP like the media do regularly to the conservative well, you can just imagine the history of the media silence about the liberals corruption thievery etc and the media's deliberate failure to report it to the public on a daily basis will be broadcast by the NDP themselves.
    meaning, the media and the liberals have to do as they are told or else.

  9. The LPC and the NDP have been in a symbyotic relationship for years.
    Actually its more like a incestuous relationship when you see guys like Bob Rae switch hit from one side to the other.
    Let iggy preach to the left all he likes, when the election starts, due I hope to Harper reviving the end of the vote subsidy, the libs, NDP and the Bloc can fight over that demographic.
    Its the same reason Martin lost his majority, and liberals do not consider a minority a win.