Sunday, February 21, 2010

Canada Defeats Great Britain!

I would like to take a moment to applaud Mr. Kevin Martin for his marvelous victory over Great Britain this evening. Yes, those same Brits who are hosting the next Olympics and have won a grand total of one medal thus far in Vancouver have been defeated by Canada in the curling arena. Well done Kevin. I would buy a consumer product that you publicly endorsed.

Speaking of sports on ice, am I the only one noticing the high incidence of our speed skaters running out of gas in the final lap? Exactly what kind of training regiment have these athletes been on? They all look good until right at the end when their legs just run out of steam. We have had some success with a gold and a silver, but compared to Torino, this performance pretty much sucks. At this rate, Cindy Klassen will have won more medals at Torino than our entire speed skating team in Vancouver.


  1. Quite frankly we're not doing all that great.

  2. Simeon, you are not telling me anything that I don't already know...

  3. One thing this olympics has not had is a medal being taken away for failing a drug test. But, with all the commentary on this training regimen, or that, or diets, or so many other things, I have yet to see a sexologist on telling us the consequences of sex before an event. They gave out 100,000 condoms in the olympic village. Any connection.

  4. Kevin was lucky to win that game...too many mistakes made on both one brought their A game to the game last night...
    and, I hope you like rice as Kevin and company have an uncle ben's (rice) endorsement - for every win Kevin has..uncle ben's donates money to food banks..or something like that..
    --I think Kevin's team needs a team psychologist to help them over the times when Kevin goes into his head and John, is about the same...they get caught up in going over the mistakes and not snapping out of psychologist is a good thing for all 4 of them...that will bring them out of any funk they get into..
    Now don't yell at me iceman...I watch a lot of curling...and that's my assessment...muhhhwahhhh... from my couch...ha...

    Better curling days ahead...

  5. The great Canadian Olympic choke seems to be back with us.