Sunday, February 14, 2010

Green Goons

After 16 years of taking thousands of bare knuckle punches to the head, Georges Laraque has seen the light and will become a "celebrity" spokesgoon for the Green Party of Canada. The brilliant Rhode scholar has proclaimed "We're destroying the environment now and we have to make a change. To make a change you need public personalities to talk about it, to educate people. And I'm going to be one of them."

George is not just a Green activist, he is a vegan and an animal rights activist who feels he needs to educate people about the murderous harm of eating dead animals or byproducts like eggs and milk. Thanks George. I love eating dead animals, and I doubt the world is coming to an end because I enjoy eating eggs and drinking milk. Did I mention that I also love cheese? In the world according to Curious Georges "for me, when you talk about everything I do for the animals, it's also about the environment."

For as much as I have enjoyed watching Georges punch people in the face for his long NHL career, I will stop short of entertaining his views on the politics and the planet. We don't need you to enlighten us Georges. Most people are intelligent enough to make up their own minds without the guidance of a goon with an I.Q south of 85. Just because they suckered an idiot like you Georges into their cause that does not mean that all Canadians need to go Green.

May your political career be as fruitful as your music career...


  1. If George is joining, the Greens must want to legalize marijuana

  2. "I love eating dead animals, and I doubt the world is coming to an end"

    I hope you cook the damned things first, you bloody savage!

    Poor George just got cut by the Montreal Canadiens and no one has yet picked up his contract. As the Greens are a great bunch of "has-beens" and "never- weres", George should fit right in! He should run for MP in the Haitian district of Montreal, might have a good chance of winning.

    And I bet his IQ is well above 85,probably in the high 90's.


  3. Vegans are cheating their bodies out of nutrients needed for robust health. The whole PETA idiocy is unbalanced, just as its zealots are.