Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Who Killed the Flying Car?"

"Where's that flying car I've been promised since I was a kid? Are you telling me that we can clone animals, spray cheese out of a can, and airbrush Susan Sarandon into something resembling a human being, but we can't make a freaking car hover? Something doesn't add up here. Who killed the flying car?"

Ladies and gentlemen, a reading from Glenn Beck's new book Arguing With Idiots. When I read that snippet, I enjoyed a good hearty laugh. It is of course a play on the conspiracy documentary "who killed the electric car". I grew up in the era of Back to the Future, where Zemeckis predicted hover cars by 2015. I haven't been to an auto show lately, but we have to be close to flying cars? Though I remember having a conversation with a co-worker about flying cars and I said "my greatest concern is that there are thousands of terrible drivers in two dimensions, and that if you expand the sphere to three dimensions traffic accidents will increase in frequency and occur with greater devastation."

We will see what happens.


  1. Dude, you don't need a car to fly. Just move over the bridge to Libby Davies riding and you will be flying high as a kite for every moment of every day!

  2. maybe that's why the Libster couldn't see the bike chains on the main doors or the 150 protesters she helped co-ordinate well in advance... I'd like to see the media investigate who helped co-ordinate all 150 people to show up at the same time and were they in communications with any political offices to get the details of Harpers planned arrival...

    Maybe someone can provide me the weblink that has the PM's schedule cause I haven't been able to find PMSH's or Iffy or Layter's (Alex Trebecks double?) schedules anywhere... although that may have something to do with security itself regarding the general public's need to know their movement in the country

    I know Twitter is trackable...

  3. Perhaps there are no flying cars for the same reason that the electric car was killed; they're impractical. Until they can, at a minimum, reduce the weight and cost of the batteries by half, double the mileage per charge, and demonstrate that they can function as advertised at -40, they will remain a good idea whose time has not yet come.

  4. "airbrush Susan Sarandon into something resembling a human being"

    LOL! Thanks, I needed that...

  5. Funny how they have electric cars coming out soon and yet Ontario hasn't the energy infrastructure to support any such influx that the "environmentalists" are counting on to "save the planet".

    Perhaps if the Fibs spent less on windmills and more on tried and true nuclear power there wouldn't be anything to worry about.

    Then again nuclear power is "evil" and costly unless its used by Iran... of course.