Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heady O'Mallicey

I am going to introduce a new theory into the public sphere to see if it gains any traction. I have strong suspicions that CBC personalities Heather Mallick and Kady O'Malley are in fact the same person. Until I am proven wrong, I will continue to pursue my investigation. The greater question of course is "what is the total sum of tax revenue paid out to these almighty vixens of Liberal spin?"

Going forward, I have a new name for the sum total of O'Malley and Mallick, and that is Heady O'Mallicey. I plan to dedicate an entire chapter of my book about the CBC to Heady O'Mallicey. Perhaps my gift to humanity will be to devise a way to numerically chart their political bias in what is supposed to be an unbiased public news outlet. It continues to amaze me that Rex Murphy still has a job over there, because there is essentially zero conservative equivalency left on their online medium. It is completely one sided. The network never discusses how the Climate Change farce is collapsing on itself. Rather they continue to report as though it is a fundamental priority.

For the record, the puns and mixed metaphors were intended.  It is just a coincidence that the two names pop on top of each other so eloquently.

Heady: apt to intoxicate

Malice: desire to do harm


  1. hehe They probably just talk for hours.

  2. As long as Kady/Mallick/Evans/ Mansbridge are behind the walls of the 'iron curtain CBC media' they do as they are told.

  3. I like that Jen. In the future I will have to reference the CBC Board of Directors who set the "creative vision" for the network with something like "pay no attention to the 12 blind mice behind the iron curtain."

    Does that work?

    Except that I'm trying to shine a light behind the iron curtain...

  4. We have nothing to hide but CBC CTV and others like them, DO. That's why they have built a wall around themselvs. Afraid of the day they are exposed by a Democratic media.

    Iceman, CBC CTV opperate together with their socialist OPPOSITION PARTIES behind the IRON CURTAIN to find ways to keep you in the Dark.

    Iceman, CBC CTV etc, will pay for what they have created; there will be no turning back no excuse to give. nothing.
    This is yours mine troops' country and many souls have died for her and no assinine arrogrant cbc or ctv malley evans or others like them including the opposition parties, are going to tear our country apart nor are we going to allow DICTATORSHIP, SOCIALIST, MARXIST TAKE OVER THIS COUNTRY CANADA.

    Who in the hell is O MALLEY,CLARK, TABER, ETC- they don't know anything about our country nor did they gave a dam before; not even now.
    If any of them cared about this country; take my word for it: the LPOC would not exist today.

  5. Jen, gently step away from the ALL CAPS... :)