Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stockwell Spooks the CBC

Having visited the CBC website today, I couldn't help but notice that some of the opinionists over at our public broadcaster are spooked about Stockwell Day reducing government spending in the near future. They are stirring up concerns among public sector unions that Stock may attempt to shave pensions for unionized public employees. Lest we forget, in March 2005, the Corporation had about 9,700 full-time employees, and of those 90% is unionized. The CBC receives 2/3 of its funding from parliamentary appropriations. The CBC's two largest production facilities are in Toronto and Montreal. You can start to see a conflict of interest emerging.  The most absurd part of the story is that Stock didn't say he was going to cut public pensions, he just "failed to address" public pensions.  So they are making a story out of something that was not included in the Minister's speech.

Do you think that when they report "public sector workers were left worrying about the fate of their pensions after Treasury Board president Stockwell Day stressed Ottawa's commitment to bring the deficit under control Wednesday" that they would mention their own status as a largely unionized public entity with a potential conflict of interest? Not at all. Instead they are trying to rally support for their stake holder's position. They used to following statement by Stockwell Day to suggest that he will be cutting programs "just as Canadians have made significant sacrifices to maintain their own finances they expect their government to do the same...Debt reduction is a pathway that we need to be moving along."

And of course what do you think was the lead story on the Soloman Show?  Public pensions, with special guest Jack Layton.  Of course Jack is trying to spin this on all pensioners, drawing all sorts of fantastical conclusions based on statements that were never made.  Jack is really trying to sell that everyone who is on or will ever collect a pension will have all their money ripped away by oil companies.  I'm waiting for Jack to drop a Bush reference...wait for it...wait for it...boom!

The idea that we can't cut spending to government institutions that spend way too much money is ludicrous.  I once ran a poll on this issue, and the vote was a tight one:

How would you prefer to reduce the deficit?

Cut spending (95%)
Raise taxes (5%)


  1. Ivison is on the "Power Panel" saying that legally the government can't alter existing pensions, and if he's right the CBC is screaming foul on something the government never said it would do and possibly cannot do.

    Solo's Quebec expert did poor research prior to the panel. She suggested that government jobs pay less that private sector jobs, despite the fact that every labour market survey indicates that government jobs pay significantly higher than private sector equivalents. I did an econometrics study in University about a 1990's report that stated public jobs pay roughly 35% more than the same job in the private sector.

  2. Why would you expect the CBC do to proper research in presenting something factual, have you been hanging out with the Liberal star candidate lately?

    Can you smell the fear in the Public Unions?

  3. I can see where this debate needs to go, and the CBC is obviously not of a collective mind to see the light.
    Pensions are legally and binding on the fed to pay out, no questions.
    Mr Day is alluding to how a decision is going to have to be made as to what the government needs to shell out for and what is requested from the government based on want.
    The CBC is having an existential crisis, like the current LPC it has evolved into an entity that believes it is entitled to exist, rather than working to earn its audience like the private broadcasters do.

  4. Man Solo is the master of asking if you still beat your wife.

  5. I don't think that I would agree with your assessment dance to the radio.

  6. Perhaps you read it literally.

    Here's what I meant:

    Man Solo has nothing else to say so he has to invoke the hidden agenda.
    Stoking fear among the civil service that they are going to lose their pensions.

    Master, in this case, means that he's a one trick pony who possesses no other skill.
    He stirs up the shit because he has no other skill to find real news.
    The Liberal fifth column continues its march.

  7. Here in mcGuintys Ontario there is only one place to cut,small business employees or those who work for the government.There are no manufacturing jobs left outside of subsidized auto jobs.The mcguinty government has the pissed away the provinces wealth.

  8. If I were Stock, instead of provoking a war, I would publically challenge every employee and government department with a goal of shaving 10% off their budgets. Offer employees and management monetary incentives to put forward ideas to reduce waste and then publish the success stories. It might seem a little campy, but the public will always cheer on those they perceive as on their team. Not so much those unwilling to try. It would give Stock some needed political cover.

  9. Thanks for watching that crappy station Iceman and letting us know what's happening in the enemy's camp. I cannot stomach them for more than a minute, believe me I have tried.
    The combings through the rubbish of CBC is an excellent service you are doing, and your vendetta with CBC is like what the bloggers at Biased BBC blog based their blog on. You will find their blog in my blogs listing. Their entire blog is about picking up all the bias found at BBC and just like CBC, BBC is also full of it.

  10. I really would like to know how useful are public unions nowadays?Workers rights are protected in all provinces arent they?Overtime is voluntary.As far as i know we dont have child forced labour in canada.
    "The most absurd part of the story is that Stock didn't say he was going to cut public pensions, he just "failed to address" public pensions. So they are making a story out of something that was not included in the Minister's speech".<-----This is the problem i have with the CBC.And it isnt and isolated case.They do it rather frequently.No wonder my folks usually only tuned in for Hockey night in canada and nothing else.