Thursday, February 18, 2010

Layton and Harper meet: A Bold Prediction

As the Prime Minister and the leader of the NDP are meeting today to discuss terms on the upcoming budget, I would like to make a "bold" prediction. I do not think there will be an agreement on the budget between the two leaders. I watched an interview with Jack Layton just yesterday, I recently read the NDP's complete policy platform (at least those that passed the focus groups for online publication) and I do not see any "zone of agreement" that I would be even moderately comfortable with.

I have a strong suspicion that Jack and Iggy have already reached a deal on a treaty or armistice, and that it is possible the two have already agreed to vote against the upcoming budget. What the xenophobic Gilles Duceppe will do, nobody can know for sure. Soloman asked Layton what he would need to support the government and Jack wanted to raise taxes. We will see what happens, but I am expecting a lot of fireworks when parliament resumes. Even more reason to be thankful that they are not in session right now. God only knows what the British press would be saying right now if we had the opposition on television threatening to collapse the Government...


  1. I expect Duceppe will think long and hard and decide it's in Québec's interests that this Parliament continue with him and his caucus in it.

    But one can hope they all vote it down, so that we can put them out of their current misery.

  2. I am not sure how much longer the media can keep propping up the Liberal party with manufactured scandals.
    How many of the opposition MP's will want to throw their lot in hope they keep their jobs?

    The LGR exposed the rural MP's and the pro-abortion stunt may have damaged the pro-life MP's in the Liberal Party.

    Jack should not align with the Liberals and lose seats (natural allies) he should work with Harper in finishing off the Liberals in Quebec and try to break 20%.

  3. Why would Duceppe support the budget? His numbers have been good lately.

    One thing we know for certain is that the Liberals don't want an election now and definetly don't want to be seen as provoking one.

    So it'll be a shove match between the NDP and the Liberals to try and force the other one into supporting it.

    I'm guessing the home renovation tax credit will be brought back.

    Whoever votes yes will claim they are doing it for that reason.

  4. Harper will make no deal with Layton. He knows thet Russky Iffy is afraid to have an election. He is broke. Penniless just like his party. Rae has the money.

  5. Iggy is not in charge over there so I expect a strategic decision that makes sense. I havn't worked out what that is yet.

    I think you're right about Layton. Poor Jack is always giving up his lunch to the Liberals and doing their homework. I feel bad for the guy. Liberals have no soul and will play him like a fiddle per usual. Its no way to get your soft dippers back.

  6. IMHO, the vote on the Long Gun Registry--where 12 Dippers and 8 Libs vote for it--exposed the weak hold that Iggy AND Jack have on their individual MPs. Some Opps MPs are going to be more inclinded to do what's best for THEM, as opposed to what the TEAM wants.

    That budget vote is going to be fascinating. If there is a Lib split, say for example, some MPs voting against, and some abstaining, then Donolo is going to have one heck of a challenge in putting a coherent spin on how Iggy's leadership is still just fine.

    Calgary Junkie

  7. Duceppe and Jack will be first out of the gate to oppose, that will leave Iggy in the position to have to support, force an election, or try the coalition stunt again.
    That of course would be his last mistake.
    If there is a vote of nonconfidence, there will be an election where the choice is the coalition or a conservative government.
    Thats an election platform even the Bloc would have problems running on.

  8. So the Liberals AND NDP want to go to an election with their collective MAJOR demand being RAISE those damn TAXES.... and at the tail end of a recession?
    Whoa doggy...what a crew!
    An election seems down right intoxicating now..

  9. Well if we're going to have an election this year, let's have it before June so that a bunch of those clowns miss the six year window for a pension.

  10. Duceppe will prop up the Conservatives - too many Bloc MP's reaching their pension later this year, June I think.

  11. Hmm, higher taxes - worked out so well for Greece!